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Image of Jay Peressini
Jay Peressini
Sales Agent
Office: 403-268-8051

Image of Courtenay Crites
Courtenay Crites
Senior Sales Agent
Office: 403-370-0874
With a combined 14+ years of experience in land negotiation and real estate, Courtenay enjoys the numerous types of real estate transactions and uniqueness each one brings to the table. Her attention to detail and proactive approach have proven successful throughout her career. She is committed to listening to everyone’s needs and utilizing her keen negotiating skills to ensure a successful transaction.

Image of Spencer McClurg
Spencer McClurg
Manager, Real Estate Sales & Acquisitions
Office: 403-268-2331

Image of Angela Decaria
Angela Decaria
Senior Sales Agent, Real Estate Sales
Office: 403-818-8459
Angela DeCaria is a Senior Sales Agent with The City of Calgary's Real Estate & Development Services business unit and has been with The City for 16 years, helping numerous businesses find their homes in Calgary’s industrial areas. She facilitated the sale of 66 acres of land to Home Depot and aided in their successful move-in. Angela also has a 25 year legal background in corporate law and commercial lending, which gives her a strong background of experience to assist purchasers and clients.

Image of Tamara Benson
Tamara Benson
Coordinator, Real Estate Sales
Office: 403-540-0282

Image of Andrew Tran-Vu
Andrew Tran-Vu
Sales Agent, Real Estate Sales
Office: 403-268-2214
With over 6 years of land development and real estate experience at The City, Andrew is committed to helping private citizens and developers looking to buy land from The City.

Image of Marc Anderson
Marc Anderson
Sales Agent
Office: (587) 216-1202

Image of Deanna Romney
Deanna Romney
Senior Sales Agent
Office: 403-305-7621

Image of Joel  Van der Velden
Joel Van der Velden
Sales Agent
Office: 403-540-8745

Image of Demoura Griffiths
Demoura Griffiths
Land Assistant, Real Estate Sales
Office: 403-268-2135
With a passion for everything real estate, Demoura supports The City’s real estate and acquisitions teams with their daily processes and provides valuable real estate-related information to customers. Her enthusiasm for helping others enables her to connect with clients and provide them with the best service possible.

Image of Real Estate  Sales Team
Real Estate Sales Team
Sales Team
Office: 403-268-8979