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Assessment Request for Information

To produce fair and equitable assessments in accordance with the Municipal Government Act (MGA) and associated regulations, Assessment regularly mails requests for information to the assessed person of a property.

Why does assessment put out requests for information?

The information collected is essential for determining fair and equitable market value assessments. This information is collected at various points throughout the year. It is used to get up-to-date physical information about that property such as size, as well as market information such as recent lease information. Requests are also sent for sales information or tax status.

Non-residential property owners (or their assigned property managers) are able to provide their information online by logging into Assessment Search.

Assessment requests for information are made in alignment with the MGA including section 295(1) which states that, ‘A person must provide, on request by an assessor, any information necessary for the assessor to carry out the duties and responsibilities of an assessor under Parts 9 to 12 and the regulations.’ Section 295(4) of the legislation further states that, ‘No person may make a complaint in the year following the assessment year under section 460 or, in the case of designated industrial linear property, under section 492(1) about an assessment if the person has failed to provide the information any information requested under subsection (1) within 60 days from the date of the request.’

Do I have to respond to requests for information from assessment?

The assessed person of a property is required to provide their information in response to a request for information. This may be in addition to any previous information submitted to Assessment. Information sent previously or that was provided in connection with a tribunal hearing does not relieve the assessed person of the obligation to provide the information requested.

Please note that once collected, the information will only be further disclosed in accordance with section 33(c) of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FOIP) and the Municipal Government Act (MGA).