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About Waste & Recycling Services

Who is Waste & Recycling Services?

We are responsible for the collection, disposal and management of waste and recycling in The City of Calgary.

Our mission

To provide waste resource management services for the community, to protect public health and the environment.

Our vision

To lead the community towards zero waste.

What we do

Our goal is to divert 70 per cent of waste from City landfills in all sectors, including residential, businesses and organizations, construction and demolition by 2025.

We provide residential garbage and recycling collection for a city of more than one million people, manage active and inactive landfills to protect public health and the environment and develop and deliver education programs that support reduce, reuse, recycle and residual management.

At Waste & Recycling Serv​ices, we perform the following services:

Collect residential waste as defined under Waste & Recycling Bylaw 20M2001. Collect limited commercial and industrial waste on a fee-for-service basis. Operate three landfills, available to Calgary and the surrounding region. Provide a variety of waste diversion programs:

  • Blue Cart recycling and community recycling depots
  • Leaf and pumpkin composting
  • Christmas tree mulching
  • Electronics recycling
  • Household hazardous waste collection and disposal programs
  • Recycling activities for selected materials at landfill sites

The City of Calgary is the first public waste management organization in Western Canada to achieve registration for ISO 14001.

How we work

1. Strategic Services

This division is responsible for planning the future of Waste & Recycling Services, particularly our goal of diverting This division is responsible for planning the future of Waste & Recycling Services, particularly our goal of diverting 70 per cent of waste from all sectors.

  • Provide strategic leadership by creating long-term vision
  • Develop the budget and business plan for Waste & Recycling Services
  • Research and review new technology and programs
  • Evaluate technology and processes to achieve the 70 per cent waste diversion goal
  • Help support administrative services, 311 (training co-ordination) and records management

2. Infrastructure & Program Management

This division is responsible for creating and maintaining our infrastructure and developing new waste diversion programs.

  • Design and build new infrastructure (e.g. buildings, scalehouses, entryways)
  • Develop new waste diversion initiatives
  • Test, plan and build technology to increase landfill diversion
  • Pilot and transfer new technology to operations
  • Maintain and design collection routes
  • Plan future use of active and closed landfill sites

3. Collection Services

Collection Services collects the waste and recyclable materials from homes, businesses and community depots.

  • Collect residential and non-residential waste
  • Design and manage collection of residential organics and recyclables
  • Manage recycling depot collections and operations
  • Integrate new technology to improve collection efficiency

4. Disposal & Processing Services

This group serves tens of thousands of customers who access City landfills, manages materials received and ensures compliance with operating approvals and environmental legislation.

  • Manage and dispose of municipal and industrial waste
  • Manage household hazardous waste
  • Compost leaf and yard waste
  • Monitor the environment of active and closed landfill sites
  • Manages surface water
  • Collect and manage leachate (the liquid produced when water passes through waste)
  • Collect and use landfill gas
  • Design and build landfill cells
  • Issue landfill permits and produce reports on landfills