We provide food and yard waste collection to single family homes.

Green carts are picked up weekly from April to October and every two weeks from November to March.

Please set your cart out on your collection day by 7 a.m.

Fill your green cart first, then use paper yard waste bags and roll tops closed.  Place bags 0.5m (2 ft) to the side of the cart for pickup.

If some of your extra bags are not picked up, store them on your property until the next green cart collection.

Find compostable bags and liners

Prevent Food Scraps from Freezing to your green cart

Wet materials can tend to stick to the cart making it difficult to come out during pickup. In the winter, this can also lead to material freezing inside the cart. Follow these tips to prevent material from sticking inside the cart:

  • Crumple up flyer sheets into balls and put them in the bottom of your green cart before putting in any food or yard waste. You can also use newspaper, paper bags, or soiled pizza boxes.
  • Use the end of a broomstick to stir and loosen up the material in the bottom of the cart before pickup day.
  • If the material is frozen inside, wait for warmer temperatures to thaw the material out. Place your cart in sunlight if possible and use a stick to loosen up the stuck items.

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Download the Calgary Garbage Day app

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What can go in your Green cart

Using your Green cart

Customer self-service

Report a missed collection

Request additional carts

Please review the options available to you.

Request cart for a new home

Report a missing or damaged cart

For more details, see Replacing Your Cart.

About Green Cart Program

Who receives a cart?

We provide green carts to single family homes up to four units, as long as they are not part of an apartment or condominium.

Can I get a replacement kitchen pail?

The City does not provide replacement pails. You can purchase kitchen pails at any big box or hardware retailer. You can also reuse any container with a lid that seals, such as an ice cream pail.

Green cart fee
Monthly rate 2024
Green cart fee ($ per 30 days) $9.41

Your monthly cart program fees are not a "per-collection" fee but cover all the components of the residential cart programs, including providing carts to Calgarians, pickup from your home, composting of material as well as education and program support.

The property tax subsidy has been removed from the Green Cart fee. To learn more, visit Residential Waste Rates.

How composting works

The Calgary Composting Facility is the largest of its kind in Canada. The facility produces high quality compost collected from the green cart program and the biosolids program.

Take an online tour of the facility and learn how composting works.


Other disposal options