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Water meters - Disconnections and shut off

For any questions or concerns regarding your ENMAX account and water, wastewater and stormwater charges, please contact ENMAX at 310-2010.

Disconnections due to non-payment

Disconnection policy

The City of Calgary follows a policy of disconnection of water service if account balances are not paid. When the account goes into arrears, customers are provided with a warning and the billing centre will work with any customer to deal with any financial challenges that may result in late payment of water and sewer bills.

Water cut off

If no effort is made by the customer to deal with the outstanding debt, Water services will, after sending letters to the customer, cut off the water service at the location where the outstanding amount exists.

Payment arrangements

The water service will not be reactivated until the customer contacts the billing centre to make full payment, or billing arrangements. The customer must adhere to these arrangements, or the customer will be at risk of losing water service again.

We would be happy to answer any questions you may have or if you would like to arrange payment arrangements for your bill, please contact ENMAX at 310-2010.

Please note: In the situation where water cannot be cut-off, due to either lack of access to the valve or negative effects on a third party, the customer responsible for the outstanding debt will be at risk for legal action.

Requesting a water meter shut off

Water customers can have their service shut off, either temporarily or permanently. Examples of the type of situation that could require temporary cut-off include:

  • Vacationing for extended periods of time
  • Extensive construction that requires the cut-off of water temporarily
  • Rental properties where there is going to be an extended gap in occupancy
  • Fire or other damage renders the location unsafe for occupancy

Flat-rate disconnection

Locations that are still on flat rates will continue to be billed regardless of occupancy, unless the billing centre is notified of the need to cut-off the water.

Water use during vacancy

Locations with meters are at risk of being billed for water used outside the knowledge of the account holder. Account holders are responsible for the water and sewer bills in either case. To avoid needless bills, please ensure that you contact the billing centre and request that the water be shut off as you require.

Please note: an $85.00 service fee will be charged in the case where the temporary cut-off is reversed within six months of the original request for cut-off.

Disconnection due to lack of meter

As per Water Meter Bylaw 40M2006, a water meter is now a condition of service in the following situations:

New home construction

All new homes built will automatically have a meter installed and the new account will be created to bill using the meter.

Move from one home to another

Regardless of whether or not a customer was on flat rate or metered rate at the previous location, the new location will have a meter installed, if necessary, and the account will begin to bill on the metered rate. This applies to both rental units and personally owned properties.

Change of name on the account

If the name of the account holder is changed, for whatever reason, this will trigger the installation of a meter and the switch from flat rate to metered billing.

Creation of a new account

When a new account is created under a home owner or renters name, regardless of whether or not that person has changed locations, a meter installation will be triggered and metered billing will apply.

Water meter refusal

Situations where water meter installation is refused will result in the disconnection of water service at that location until such time as the meter is installed. To avoid water service disconnection, please follow the recommended time lines for appointment arrangement when contacted by the meter installation company.

Please note: also, under the City of Calgary's Water Utility Bylaw, all homes in Calgary will have water meters by the end of 2014. If you don't have a water meter, you will be required to have one installed before that time. Learn more about The City's water meter program and the installation process.

Meter reading, replacements and repairs

The City of Calgary or its contractors must be given access to your meter upon proper notice. Should access to your home be required, we will attempt to contact you by telephone, and if no reply is received, you will be also notified by letter to arrange an appointment.

Should access be denied or attempts to contact the customer not result in a scheduled appointment, water service might be disconnected until the customer allows meter maintenance to occur.


You must have a permit to make any major changes to the plumbing in your building. Please visit the Permit Desk on the 3rd floor of the Municipal Building to get information on what is needed for the type of construction you are considering.

Emergency Situations

If you need your water service turned off due to an emergency situation, please ensure that you contact 311.

Please note: the disconnection of one service will not automatically lead to the disconnection of all other services. Each service provider must be contacted separately.