Learn more about what service valves do, what responsibilities The City of Calgary and citizens have for service valves and water lines, where to report a service valve issue or what do to with a service valve when pouring a driveway.

What are service valves?

Service valves control the water running to a home or building from The City of Calgary water main.

Service valves are usually located outside the residence, either in the front, back or side of the property (for example: lawn, driveway, or private sidewalk) and occasionally they are located just outside the fence line in the back alley.

if you are experiencing any of the following issues, please complete an online service request below or call 311.

  • Service valve needs to be raised or lowered**
  • Cap/top box missing
  • Damaged valve
  • Leaking valve
​​​​​​ Water - Service and Main Valve Issues​​​​​​​


​**As the ground shifts due to freezes and thaws, the service valve may need to be raised or lowered - sometimes more than once a year due to seasonal changes. The City of Calgary provides this service at no cost.

Service valves and responsibility of underground water lines

Service valves are owned and operated by The City of Calgary, however any water lines which go from the service valve to the home or building are the citizen's responsibility. Property owners are responsible for any repairs and upkeep required to the service line on their side of the property line. Learn more by visiting our Service Lines page.

Service valves and driveway pouring

If you are pouring a new driveway, please schedule your pouring date at least 30 days from the date you begin the process below:

  • Locate your service valve - contact 311
  • Complete an online service request or call 311 to have the City of Calgary check the operation and condition of your service valve

Please note: Failure to follow this process could result in your new driveway being excavated to repair the service valve (if an adjustment is needed). Concrete repairs would be at your expense.

If you live in a recently-developed community, your contractor is responsible for the maintenance of the valves for two years after the acceptance date of the Construction Completion Certificate.

Service valves in your home - main shut-off valve

Internal main shut-off valves are located in homes where the water line enters your residence. The purpose of this valve is to allow you to shut water off in your home for a variety of reasons, including emergencies or when repairing leaks, taps or toilets.

Service Valve Diagram shows the water meter, shut off (ball) valve and the shut off gate valve

The internal main shut-off valve is typically located either close to the water tank (usually in the basement near the floor) or should be below the water meter on the water pipe that enters your house.

This internal valve is the responsibility of the homeowner to control and maintain per the Water Utility Bylaw. Homeowners who fail to maintain the valve will be penalized a $250.00 fee if the valve is broken.

To have the valve repaired by a certified plumber, the water will need to be shut off by the City of Calgary at the outdoor service valve. To request this, please call 311.

Service Valve Examples

Examples of water service valves