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Strategically positioned in Calgary for unmatched access

With strategic positioning at its core, Constellation offers unparalleled access to key transportation networks, ensuring smooth operations for businesses, their employees, and partners alike. This development isn't just about location; it's a commitment to redefining what convenience and accessibility mean in the modern business landscape, making it an ideal setting for both local ventures and global enterprises seeking a competitive edge.

Stoney Trail is right beside Contellation

Easy access to Canada's major highways—including 52 Street, Peigan Trail SE, Glenmore Trail SE, and Stoney Trail SE—ensures that businesses can swiftly move goods and services. Calgary's Ring Road, only a seven minute drive away, connects various key points around Calgary, including residential areas, business districts, and industrial zones, and links to major highways leading out of the city — with markets of 16 million people in Western Canada and the Pacific Northwest within a day’s drive. This connectivity not only facilitates growth and expansion opportunities but also attracts a skilled workforce by offering an easier commute. 

To keep people safe, sidewalks are featured along the roads throughout Constellation, encouraging a pedestrian-friendly atmosphere. These sidewalks ensure safe and accessible routes for everyone, while also promoting a healthy and active lifestyle for those who might want to take a walk or jog. Safety, accessibility, and wellness enhance the overall quality of life for those who work here.

Being just a 10 minute drive from CPKC Rail and 20 minutes from CN Rail offers your business significant operational advantages. Rail transport not only lowers logistics costs by moving large volumes of goods efficiently, but also offers timely deliveries thanks to reliable schedules. This is essential for keeping supply chains running smoothly. Additionally, its lower carbon footprint supports your company's sustainability goals by providing a more eco-friendly option than road transport. 

Proximity to Calgary's airport, which transports 75% of Alberta’s air cargo shipments and is only a 20 minute drive away, presents a strategic advantage with access to global markets and streamlined logistics. Constellation’s location ensures swift, efficient travel for business professionals and facilitates easy transportation of goods, enhancing operational flexibility. It also attracts international clients and partners, fostering opportunities for expansion and collaboration. Additionally, businesses benefit from reduced transit times for imported and exported goods, leading to satisfied customers when it comes to delivery speed.

Nearby transit significantly enhances the daily lives of employees, and Calgary transit's route 23 traverses the west boundary of Constellation, providing convenient public transit options with service every 15 minutes during peak hours. This boosts work-life balance by reducing travel time and the costs associated with personal vehicle use, and attracts a wider talent pool.  Transit services along 68 Street SE and 61 Avenue SE are planned to further enhance accessibility.

Constellation emerges as a pinnacle of connectivity in Calgary, uniquely positioned to redefine convenience and accessibility in the city's burgeoning business landscape. Its strategic location near major highways ensures effortless access for employees and partners, while nearby rail services streamline shipping and receiving processes. The proximity to the airport opens doors to global trade and out-of-town business opportunities, further enhancing its appeal. Additionally, convenient transit services ensure a hassle-free commute for the workforce, underscoring Constellation's role as a premier choice for businesses prioritizing ease, connectivity, and strategic positioning.

The City's new industrial land

Constellation Industrial Park, our latest industrial opportunity.

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