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Gain an edge in transportation and talent

Locating in a major city like Calgary is crucial for any business looking to leverage the advantages of better accessibility. Constellation provides easy access to transportation infrastructure and to the people you need to work for you and do business with. Proximity to downtown and major highways helps amplify opportunities for growth and operational efficiency.

Calgary has the highest education levels and workforce efficiency among major cities in Canada, and it’s vital to appeal to this valuable workforce. With Constellation nestled in southeast Calgary, accessibility from both the city center and surrounding neighborhoods streamlines commutes, enhancing job satisfaction and bolstering employee retention. By prioritizing ease of access to the workplace, businesses cultivate a motivated and skilled workforce primed for success.

At the heart of Calgary’s southeast industrial zone, Constellation offers easy accessibility to suppliers. Major Canadian highways such as 52 Street, Peigan Trail SE, Glenmore Trail SE, and Stoney Trail SE connect to Constellation and are essential for any business wanting to operate at peak efficiency. By ensuring the smooth flow of goods and services, businesses can minimize delays and reduce transportation costs. This close proximity to suppliers also means it’s easier to quickly adapt to supply chain fluctuations and meet production demands more effectively. With a strategic location near suppliers, it’s easier to meet challenges and seize opportunities as they arise.

Stoney Trail is right beside Contellation

Access to markets means a business can engage more directly and frequently with its customers, respond swiftly to market trends, and deliver services and products faster. Located within a day's drive of markets totaling 16 million people across Western Canada and the Pacific Northwest, the location is incredibly strategic. Constellation’s proximity to markets not only allows businesses to build stronger relationships with their clientele and better understand their needs, but also to tailor offerings to meet those demands. Ultimately, good access is important not just for driving customer satisfaction but also for boosting overall business growth.

Constellation's strategic nexus within Calgary's bustling landscape, coupled with access to a skilled workforce, reliable suppliers, and dynamic markets, lays the foundation for unparalleled success. This prime location not only enhances operational efficiencies but also fosters positive connections with employees, suppliers, and customers alike. With all these benefits, Constellation offers incredible potential for your business to thrive and reach new heights of success.

The City's new industrial land

Constellation Industrial Park, our latest industrial opportunity.

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