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Dark fibre: What is it and how can it benefit me?

Fibre optic cable is the foundational communication medium to deliver services in the digital eonomy we live in.

It's no surprise that advances in technology continue to re-shape how services to both consumers and between businesses are delivered to meet the needs of an ever advancing online world. As we find new ways to adapt and grow so do the demands for access to the digital world, and in turn the infrastructure required to operate within it. 

Today this means, across many of our major cities, copper cable is being replaced with new fibre optic cable. Fibre optic is being introduced to meet consumer and business demand for the next 50 - 100 years. As wireless connectivity grows, fibre optics provides the backbone to that technology.

Ok, so what is dark fibre?

Simply put, fibre optic is glass strands that carry vast amounts of data at light speed. Dark fibre is “unlit” fibre optic cable that becomes lit when a business (company or Internet service provider) attaches network equipment and transfers data between numerous connected points.

The benefits

Just like water and electricity, connectivity is now thought of as an essential service.  Dark fibre gives businesses and customers control over the kind of connectivity they value, which allows them to be successful:

  • speed
  • capacity
  • flexibility
  • reliability
  • security
  • choice - providing access to multiple internet providers

Connecting to The City of Calgary's fibre network and CyberaNet moves MRU from a single lane road to a superhighway, benefiting all aspects of the University, especially teaching and learning, scholarly work and student success.


So why is dark fibre important in real estate development?

Ensuring your real estate assets are connected with carrier-neutral dark fibre will be a key differentiator from your competition. Providing dark fibre to your building means your tenants have more choice in providers, high speed networks and technology solutions.

In today's world, fast connectivity is required in every sector from agriculture, renewable energy, financial services, real estate, transportation & logistics, manufacturing, technology and more.

What does The City have to do with dark fibre?

The City has been installing dark fibre for City use over the years and licenses out excess dark fibre to other organizations to encourage innovation, economic growth and competition within our community.

As The City continues to build out dark fibre infrastructure, developers and builders should begin to understand what they will need to provide long-term. Doing so will give you a competitive edge in your market place - to the benefit of investors, buyers and communities.

Next steps... Getting up to date and on board

In Calgary, any organization can access existing municipal dark fibre network to achieve high levels of performance, a highly secure network and superfast speeds.
Don't feel left out - we can help you get connected! Learn more about The City's dark fibre program and the competitive edge it can bring to your projects.

To discuss specific dark fibre connection requirements, please contact:

David Basto
Infrastructure Solutions
The City of Calgary - Information Technology

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