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17 Avenue S.W. Construction


Project update - April 11, 2019:

Planned 2019 Construction Schedule
Preliminary construction activities will begin mid-April on side streets, and off the Avenue. This work includes:
  • Extending the one-ways on 14th and 15th Avenues S.W. to 12 Street S.W.
  • Converting 16th Avenue to two-way between 14th Street S.W. and 10 Street S.W.
Road and utility construction will begin on 17 Avenue S. between east of 9 St S.W. to 10A St. S.W. as soon as the Calgary Flames are done their NHL Playoff run. This could be as early as late-April, or as late as mid-June.
A comprehensive construction schedule will be available online shortly.
ENMAX projects in the area
As part of the ongoing restoration and upgrade work underway on 17 Ave S.W., ENMAX is taking early opportunity, prior to the continuing utility and road restoration works commencing in the spring, to replace a major electrical vault between 2 Street S.W. and 4 Street S.W.
ENMAX is also undertaking another project, the Downtown Calgary Transmission Reinforcement Project, in close proximity to our work. More information regarding this project can be found here​.
Work completed so far
Not everyone knows what happens between the fences so we wanted to provide a snapshot of what has been completed so far. The 17 Avenue S.W. Reconstruction Project is providing new utility, road, and electrical infrastructure so that 17 Ave can continue to thrive for years to come. We are also investing in other pedestrian realm improvements like new sidewalks, streetlights, and new trees.
With the work over 65 per cent complete, this is a snapshot of what's been accomplished​.

Accessing 17 Ave S.W.

Visiting 17 Ave? Access your favorite locations by car, bus, bike or foot and find ample parking here!

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Information for businesses

Have a business or property on 17 Ave? Find answers to your questions and contacts to the project team if you need more information.

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Project vision

17 Ave S.W. is a vibrant district and we're committed to keeping it that way. View images of the finished design after all the hard work is completed.

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We're really into 17 Ave. S.W.

We're rebuilding 17 Avenue. Make sure to keep updated on the work, as we replace underground utilities and rebuild the road. We'll show you the best way to your destination on the Avenue no matter how you choose to get here. Here you'll be able to see all the ways to access businesses, shops, restaurants and parking in and around the construction zone.
The construction is making its way west, from Macleod Trail to 14 Street S.W., in one of Calgary's most vibrant neighbourhoods to eat, shop, and do business. The result will be a new 17 Avenue that will serve people who live, work, play and travel in the area for decades to come.

See what we've done so far!


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