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Green Line LRT project - Construction updates

Green Line - Construction updates

Enabling Works

In December 2016, the Federal, Provincial and Municipal Governments committed more than $360.6 million to fund a series of Enabling Works for the Green Line LRT.

Projects such as utility relocations, land preparation, environmental remediation and transit improvements typically require long lead times and ample resources. Proactively completing these projects in advance of major Green Line construction will help manage project timelines and risks, and will allow future Green Line construction to occur more efficiently.

Types of Enabling Works projects include: land preparation, heavy rail projects, transit improvements, environmental remediation, and utility relocations.

Enabling Works Under Construction

There are currently over 20 Enabling Works projects that have been identified in the Stage 1 area (between 16 Ave. N and 126 Ave. S.E.). Some of these projects have already started construction, while others are in the planning stage and will begin in 2018.


GL - Enabling works

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Ramsay 2019 Construction

Thank you to everyone who joined us at the open house on Saturday, April 13. This open house provided an overview of construction happening in the community and an opportunity to connect directly with the project teams. If you missed the open house, can you view the boards here.

It's important to know that we may not have all the answers right now, but we are working to coordinate construction schedules, reduce impacts as much as possible and maintain mobility through Ramsay and Inglewood.

If you have any questions or comments about construction in Ramsay please email

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