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Green Line LRT project - Construction updates

Green Line - Construction updates

Enabling Works

In December 2016, the Federal, Provincial and Municipal Governments committed more than $360.6 million to fund a series of Enabling Works for the Green Line LRT.

Projects such as utility relocations, land preparation, environmental remediation and transit improvements typically require long lead times and ample resources. Proactively completing these projects in advance of major Green Line construction will help manage project timelines and risks, and will allow future Green Line construction to occur more efficiently.

Types of Enabling Works projects include: land preparation, heavy rail projects, transit improvements, environmental remediation, and utility relocations.

Enabling Works Under Construction

There are currently over 20 Enabling Works projects that have been identified in the Stage 1 area (between 16 Ave. N and 126 Ave. S.E.). Some of these projects have already started construction, while others are in the planning stage and will begin in 2018.

11 Street S.E. between 20 Avenue and 23 Avenue utility work – under construction

This work will take place February 18-25, 2019 and includes installing SHAW telecommunications infrastructure underground:

  • on the east side of 11 Street S.E., in the southeast corners of 20 Avenue and 23 Avenue
  • along the north side of 21 Avenue S.E., in the front and rear of properties located from 1026 to 1048 21 Avenue S.E.

Traffic and pedestrian detours, as well as parking restrictions, will be in place and indicated by signage to ensure the safety of the public and workers during construction.

See more information on this project​.

Shepard Road and 90 Avenue S.E. utility work – under construction

To prepare the area for the LRT and future development, shallow utilities at Shepard Road and 90 Avenue S.E. are being moved underground. Construction will begin February 11, 2019 and last approximately eight weeks. Traffic access to nearby businesses and thr​ough-traffic on Shepard Road S.E. will be maintained throughout construction.

See more information on this project​.

10 Avenue S.E. utility work - under construction

In order to prepare the area for the Green Line, including the portal to the underground track and stations through the Beltline and Centre City, multiple utility conflicts need to be relocated. Work will happen in phases in 2019, starting with ENMAX work in mid January.

See more information on this project​.

78 Avenue SE Underpass Project - Public engagement complete

This work includes:

  • initial utility work to prepare for construction,
  • building an underpass to connect 78 Avenue S.E. under the CP tracks to Ogden Dale Road;
  • road construction on 78 Avenue S.E.; and
  • closing 69 Avenue S.E. at the CP rail crossing.

See more information on this project

CN/Highfield track and tunnel project - Under construction

This work includes:

  • 34 Avenue SE, between 11 Street SE and the cul-de-sac (adjacent to Simmons and Hood Packaging)
  • 34 Avenue SE, between the CN tracks and Ogden Road SE (adjacent to Calgary Metals and Electronic Recycling Association)
  • The sloped natural area and CN tracks between Hood Packaging & Simmons and Calgary Metals & Electronic Recycling Association

See map for more details

Ramsay Utility work - 2018 work complete.

Phase 1 of the Telus and ATCO utility relocation and upgrades on 10 Avenue S.E has been completed. Additional utility work to prepare for major Green Line construction will continue in 2019 and include:

  • Creation of a new access off of 17 Avenue SE, east of 10 Street SE for Artpoint Gallery.
    • This work will begin in mid-January
    • Once the new Artpoint Gallery access is completed, the existing gravel road access at 11 Street SE will be closed to accommodate the future Green Line route.
  • Removal of the playground at Jeffries Park​ to accommodate utility relocations.
    • Jeffries Park will be restored to a community green space after construction is complete and the grass has had a chance to re-grow in the park space.
    • The Ramsay Community Association is actively working with The City to explore funding sources and alternate locations for a new playground.
  • Temporary closure of 10 Street SE at the intersection of 11 Avenue SE to realign the road and complete utility work.
    • Local residential access will be maintained during this time.

107 Avenue & 27 Street S.E. Utility relocation - Under construction

This work includes:

  • Shallow utility work including ENMAX and telecommunications relocation was completed in late 2018.
  • Starting in mid-January crews will begin relocating deep utilities including water and sanitary.
  • Work will be completed in Spring 2019.
See more details​.

42/46 Avenue S.E. Water Main Relocation - Under construction.

This work includes:

  • Relocating the water main under 42 Avenue S.E. to 46 Avenue S.E.

Traffic access to nearby businesses and through-traffic on 46 Avenue S.E. will be maintained throughout construction. Some temporary lane closures or restrictions are expected during construction. If a full closure of 46 Avenue S.E. is required, The City will work to complete any construction activities on the weekend.

Highfield landfill remediation - 2018 work complete

The City removed almost 386,000 cubic metres of waste from the old Highfield landfill site. Removing this waste will allow the Green Line LRT to run though this area and allow for the construction of the future Highfield Station.

Completion of this project also allows the land to be repurposed for different uses.

Some roadwork on Highfield Blvd will need to be completed in spring 2019. At that time the curb and gutters will be built, the final layer of asphalt will be put down and a regional pathway on the north edge of the road will be constructed. Additionally two retaining walls will be built to support the pathway.

More information will be available in early 2019.

In Design/Undergoing Public Engagement

90 Avenue SE - Public engagement underway

Proposed work includes constructing a new road (90 Avenue SE) to connect 24 Street SE to Shepard Road SE. Once the LRT is constructed, Shepard Road will be closed south of 86 Avenue SE, to accommodate LRT operations and future development plans. Engagement is currently underway with the South Hill Mobile Home Park residents and the Rugby Union.

This work includes:

  • Constructing 90 Avenue connection from 24 Street SE to Shepard Road SE.
  • Modifying existing access to South Hill Mobile Home Park. The access from 24 Street SE to the mobile home park will allow right turns in and out, and a new all-turns access will be added from 90 Avenue SE.
  • Creating new intersection with traffic signals at 24 Street SE and 90 Avenue SE intersection.
  • Potentially modifying one of the rugby fields to make space for the new road.

Pop Davies Athletic Park

Work includes:

  • Utility upgrades and relocations
  • Building a new parking lot for Pop Davies Athletic Park
  • Reconfiguring one baseball diamond to accommodate the new parking lot
  • Decreasing the slope of Millican Road to give transit vehicles reliable access to the area in all seasons

Work on this project will likely begin as main construction of the Green Line LRT begins in 2020.