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Leaf & Pumpkin Composting Program

The 2016 Leaf & Pumpkin Composting Program is now closed. Thank you for your participation.

The material collected will be composted rather than thrown away in the landfill, will help reduce greenhouse gases and create nutrient-rich compost to help plants grow. This program is for residents only.

Why use paper yard waste bags?

We encourage you to use paper yard waste bags instead of plastic bags. Leaves and pumpkins will be accepted in plastic bags, but paper bags are preferred. Paper bags are available at many local yard and garden retailers.

  • 100% compostable
    Because these bags are made of paper, they are completely compostable along with the leaves and pumpkins, leaving no waste behind.
  • More efficient
    Paper yard waste bags help streamline the composting process without the additional step of opening plastic bags to compost the leaves and pumpkins.

What can I do after the program ends?

You are welcome to take your leaves and pumpkins to the three City landfills, but the normal yard waste rate will apply once the program ends. For more information, visit Calgary Landfill Locations and Hours.

Why is the Leaf & Pumpkin Composting program important?

Yard waste makes up almost a third of the garbage from an average home, taking up landfill space and contributing to greenhouse gas emissions. The Leaf & Pumpkin Composting program routinely brings in more than two million kilograms material that would otherwise end up in the landfill.

When waste is compacted tightly in the landfill, it's starved of oxygen so it can't biodegrade into soil, compost or anything useful. Instead, it releases carbon dioxide and methane gas - a greenhouse gas that is 21 times more powerful than carbon dioxide.

By composting your leaves and pumpkins, you help:

  • Decrease dependence on our landfills
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • Turn waste into nutrient-rich compost
  • Help collection crews during peak times of the year

We also encourage you to compost your own leaves and pumpkins, which are excellent material for your backyard composter. For more information, visit our composting page.​

This video explains how a landfill works and why turning your yard waste into nutrient-rich compost is the best option. You can also find more information at Why Green Cart is a Better Solution.