Landfill materials and rates

A minimum charge is applied to all loads unless otherwise specified. Landfill loads are charged by weight of material. For loads under 250 kg, the minimum charge is $25 per load. The rate for garbage (basic sanitary rate) is $113 per tonne (1000 kg).

Citizens are responsible for all unloading of materials – staff are not available to assist.

Below you will also find rates for recyclable and compostable materials such as wood, scrap metal, yard waste and other construction materials.

Commercial rates for recycling and composting materials

Commercial customers are subject to the higher disposal surcharge rate for loads that include readily-recyclable and compostable materials.

Items on the disposal surcharge materials list should be separated and taken to appropriate processing facilities, where lower rates will apply.

Preferred methods of payment are credit card (Visa, Mastercard and American Express), debit card or cash.

No GST is charged on landfill rates.

Composition of waste loads is highly variable. The City landfill staff has final say about acceptability of any material and the charges applied to each load.

Rate Type 2021/2022

Basic Sanitary Waste (garbage)

  • Includes sod and street sweepings.


Minimum charge

  • For loads less than 250 kilograms.


Refrigerant Removal from Equipment

  • Surcharge applies regardless if the refrigerant has been removed or not.
  • Weight charges will also apply.


Industrial Waste

  • Shepard landfill only.
  • Permits may be required.

Visit Industrial Waste for more information.


Fill materials 2021/2022

Clean Fill

  • Charges will vary depending on site-specific clean fill requirements.
  • Clean fill includes dirt, clay or gravel (less than six inches in size).
  • Clean fill does not include sod, wood, garbage, roots, etc. the load must be free of this debris.
  • A soil analysis test may be required before disposal.
  • Commercial vehicles are required to obtain a clean fill approval number. Visit our clean fill instructions page or call 311.


Recyclable material 2021/2022


  • Gypsum wallboard that has less than 2% by weight of garbage, wood, metal and other contaminants. Wet, painted or vinyl covered wallboards are acceptable, as well as exterior grade wallboards.


Recyclable Wood

  • Untreated dimensional lumber, used pallets, and other wood items that are made of raw and un-processed wood.


Scrap Metal

  • Construction, demolition and renovation related scrap metals up to 1.2 m (4 ft).


Asphalt Shingles

  • Free of tar paper, vents, etc.

Effective January 1, 2019, asphalt is no longer accepted for recycling


Disposal rate:

Recycling of road asphalt, brick, masonry brick, concrete and paper/cardboard is not available at City landfills. Loads mixed with these materials will be charged the Disposal Surcharge Rate.

Compostable materials 2021/2022

Yard waste

  • Leaves and cones, plants and flowers, branches, twigs, hedge prunings, grass clippings, weeds, hay
  • Christmas trees
  • Cold barbeque or fireplace ashes
  • All materials must be loose or in paper bags. No plastic bags

Please note:
Composting for sod is not available at City landfills. This material will be charged the basic rate.


Composting of food, food scraps, packaged food and soiled paper is not available at City landfills. Loads mixed with these materials will be charged the Disposal Surcharge Rate.

Surcharges (commercial loads only) 2021/2022

Hard-to-Handle Surcharge

  • Applied to handle low weight, large volume loads or loads requiring special handling
  • In addition to either Basic sanitary or Industrial waste rates


Disposal Surcharge

  • Disposal surcharge materials are readily-recyclable and compostable materials that should be kept out of the landfill.
  • Disposal Surcharge materials:
    • Food waste and yard waste
    • Paper and cardboard
    • Concrete
    • Road asphalt
    • Brick and masonry block
    • Scrap metal
    • Recyclable wood
    • Drywall
    • Asphalt shingles(suspended)
  • Staff inspect commercial vehicle loads of garbage for these materials; if discovered, this higher rate will be applied if a load contains any of the following:
    • 20% or more of food or yard waste; OR
    • 10% or more of paper or cardboard; OR
    • 10% or more of construction and demolition materials
  • Avoid paying these higher rates by removing the recyclable and compostable materials from your loads before arriving at the landfill.


The list of materials on the disposal surcharge rate is subject to periodic change.

Last updated: June 2022