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Water meter installation

Having a water meter installed is simple. Both the meter and installation are free of charge. Here are the steps to getting a meter installed.

How to make a water meter appointment

Water meters are installed either by a City of Calgary water meter installer or a representative from Metercor, a partner of The City.

To make an appointment, call 311 or visit Metercor's website.

Convenient times are available, including evenings and Saturdays.

How the installation works

An installation usually takes less than an hour to complete. To prepare, please follow the steps below:

  • Locate the main water shut-off valve in your basement
  • The valve is located on a pipe that comes out of your basement floor
  • The valve usually has a coloured round or straight handle
  • Clear the area around this valve so installers have full access

Utility billing for the new meter after installation

Once a water meter is installed there will be a delay in the charges for water, wastewater and drainage on your ENMAX statement.

This delay could take two water utility bills before the updated meter information appears on your statement. Please note: this can result in a statement that is higher than normal as it will include back-dated water, wastewater and drainage charges.

There are billing options available to avoid a large statement. Please contact ENMAX at 403-310-2010 and press Option 2 for residential customers, and then Option 3 for the municipal department to discuss them.

Do I have to do anything to maintain the meter?

No, you do not need to do anything to maintain your meter. The City of Calgary does have a replacement program for meters when they have been in use for a certain length of time. You will be contacted by either the City of Calgary or Metercor if your water meter is scheduled for replacement.

Upgrading water meters: Water Meter Exchange Program

Over the next several years, The City of Calgary will be updating older meters and exchanging them with updated Encoded Radio Transmitter (ERT) models.

This ensures our meter technology stays current and efficient. City Councillors are notified in advance which communities in their ward have been identified for exchanges.

If your meter meets the critieria, you will be contacted by Metercor to book an appointment to exchange your old meter for a new model.