Having a water meter installed is simple. Both the meter and installation are free of charge and all new properties require a water meter as per the Water Utility Bylaw 40M2006. Here are the steps to getting a meter installed.

Residential customers

I no longer wish to pay a flat rate for my water and would like to have a water meter.

I moved into a previously occupied home that does not have a water meter and would like one installed.

My newly constructed home does not have a water meter installed.

1.     Contact the ENMAX Customer Care Center to discuss or to set up your billing.

2.     Contact 311 and request a water meter installation for your new home.

To prepare for your water meter installation:

1.     Locate the main water shut-off valve in your basement.

2.     The valve is located on a pipe that comes out of your basement floor.

3.     The valve usually has a coloured, round or straight handle.

4.     Clear the area around this valve so installers have full access.

Commercial/multifamily and new home construction

If you are a developer and have a new home, commercial or multifamily project that requires a water meter, please contact 311 to book an appointment or discuss your installation needs. To better serve you and insure that your installation is efficient, advance notice of the need for spacers, large, or multiple meters for a development is appreciated.

Utility billing for the new meter after installation

Once a water meter is installed there could be a delay in the charges for water, wastewater and stormwater on your ENMAX utility bill.

This delay could take one to two billing cycles before the updated meter information appears on your bill. Please note: this can result in a balance owed that is higher than normal. There are billing options available to avoid a large utility bill.

For billing questions and assistance, contact ENMAX online or call 403-310-2010.

The City contracts ENMAX to provide billing and customer care for water services. ENMAX reads the water meters, produces the bills and provides customer care services on The City’s behalf.

Do I have to do anything to maintain the meter?

No, you do not need to do anything to maintain your meter.

Replacing water meters

The City of Calgary continues to replace older water meters as part of a preventative maintenance program.

We exchange them for meters equipped with technology that allows them to be read at a distance and ensuring our meter technology stays current and efficient.

if you need a replacement, you will be contacted by our selected contractor, Metercor, to book an appointment to exchange your old meter for a new model.

Watch a short video on water meter replacement, testing and accuracy.