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How to read a water meter

Types of water meters and how to read them

There are two types of water meters:

  • Water meters with Encoded Radio Transmitters (ERTs)
  • Water meters with remote read outs

Encoded Radio Transmitter (ERT)

ERT Water Meters
Water meters with Encoded Radio Transmitter (ERT).

These water meters have no device on the outside of your home. Water readings for ERT meters are electronically sent to the meter reader’s device as they near your home.

The digits on the face of the meter are smallest from right to left. The black digits with a white background show the number of cubic metres (thousands of litres).

The white digit with the black background on the far right shows hundreds of litres. The sweep hand on the meter face shows the last two digits (tens and ones).

Remote read-out

Readings are displayed on rectangular devices on the outside of the home. Readings are taken manually by a meter reader.

You can read your meter as well, by taking a read of the indoor meter and the remote (located outside) and checking to see that they both match. The City is in the process of replacing these older models with updated ERT’s.

Remote Read-out Water Meter Example
Water meters with remote read-outs.

How to submit a reading for a water meter

By e-mail

Take a picture of the face of the meter and email your picture and account details to

Please ensure the following information is included in your email:

  • Account number and service address
  • Contact phone number along with the best time for ENMAX to contact you
  • Details of your troubleshooting findings and a copy of the completed checklist
  • Pictures reflecting your water meter reading based on type of water meter.
  • ERT meter: Take a picture of the face and lid of the meter
  • Remote read-out meter: Take pictures of both the water meter and outside component
  • If you are unable to take a picture of the readings, you may write out the digits
  • Note which digits have a black or white background and the decimal points

By telephone

Call 403-310-2010 to speak with the Municipal Team at ENMAX.

Upgrading water meters: water meter exchange program

Over the next several years, The City of Calgary will continue to identify older meters that require an exchange to a new model with updated ERT models; this ensures our metering technology stays current and efficient. Councilors are notified in advance which communities in their ward have been identified for exchanges.

If your meter meets the criteria you will be contacted by Metercor to book an appointment to exchange your old meter for a new ERT model.