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Crime Prevention

The Calgary Police Service Crime Prevention Team researches, educates and delivers crime prevention programs to help enhance the safety, security and quality of life of Calgarians. This is done primarily by teaching courses in the community, but can also include advertising campaigns, social media campaigns and speaking in the media about how to prevent crime.

Free Crime Prevention courses

Community groups, schools and employers can book speakers from the Crime Prevention Team to give free short presentations. There are several presentations currently available and if needed we are able to create customized ones.

Please note we are no longer scheduling presentations for 2017.

The current presentations we offer are:

Cybercrime prevention

This presentation can be targeted to either youth or adults and will help you understand what risks the Internet can pose. Participants will learn about:

  • The current risks businesses, governments and individuals face from cybercrime
  • The ‘deep web’ and how it is impacting law enforcement
  • The permanency of the Internet and managing your digital footprint
  • Being a good digital citizen
  • Effectively monitoring and shaping children’s use of the Internet
  • The dangers of malware on computers and devices
  • Online predators and preventing children from becoming victims
  • Cyberbullying
  • Online identity theft
  • The risks of online gaming
  • How to protect yourself from the risks

Crime Prevention through Environmental Design

This presentation is meant for property owners or property managers and it covers the basics of designing spaces in a way that deters crime. You will learn:

  • What criminals look for when deciding what properties to target
  • How to make a property less attractive to criminals
  • How to make a property safer for people using it

Drug Use prevention

This presentation is targeted both at youth and parents who want to know more about drugs. When discussing drugs with youth, it is important to provide them with credible information, and this course will equip any adult to have those conversations. Participants will learn about:

  • The current drugs we are finding on the street, how they are used, what dangers they pose to users, and how to recognize the signs of their use.
  • Fentanyl abuse, its history and the impact it is having on Calgary.
  • Recognizing the signs of drug overdose and what you should do when it happens.
  • The resources for preventing drug use that are available to youth and families.

Fraud prevention

This presentation is aimed at adults and covers ways you can reduce the risks of becoming a victim of fraud. You will learn about:

  • Basic facts on fraud and the trends police are seeing
  • Protecting yourself from identity theft and identity fraud
  • Protecting yourself from credit card and ATM fraud
  • Managing the risks of using wifi
  • Ways to keep your personal data safe

Graffiti prevention

This presentation is aimed at children, roughly between grades four and seven. They will learn about:

  • The different roles of police officers, bylaw officer and transit officers
  • The difference between graffiti that is art and graffiti that is vandalism
  • Effects graffiti has on property owners and the community
  • Consequences that they can face for graffiti vandalism
  • The ways to report graffiti and help keep Calgary clean

Personal safety through situational awareness

This presentation is targeted at adults and it will help you be more aware of your surroundings, which is a key way of protecting yourself from becoming a victim of crime. You will learn:

  • What factors contribute to someone becoming a victim of personal attack
  • How to reduce the risk by recognizing unsafe situations and changing them
  • Tips for protecting yourself when walking, taking transit, driving or enjoying a public space.

Senior safety

This presentation is targeted to seniors and their caregivers and is meant to help prevent common crimes committed against elderly citizens. You will learn about:

  • Elder abuse and how police respond to the issue
  • Common frauds and scams aimed at seniors
  • Identity theft
  • The reasons seniors are targeted and how to manage those risks
  • Resources available to help seniors

Other Crime Prevention initiatives

The Crime Prevention Team has a few other initiative aimed at reducing crime in Calgary. They include:

  • The HUB, an automated community notification system that alerts Calgarians of crime in their community
  • The Organized Retail Crime Team which investigates organized retail crime within the city

For questions about Crime Prevention initiatives please contact the Crime Prevention Team at 403-428-8399.