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Calgary Police Service

Calgary Police Service Keep your bike safe

The best way to deter bike theft and recover a stolen bike is to register it. 

The Calgary Police Service (CPS) has partnered with Bike Index, a free, online bike registration service, to aid in returning stolen bikes recovered by CPS back to their rightful owners. 

Bike thefts in Calgary have always been an issue, however in recent years, we have seen a growing trend in our city, prompting our members to explore ways to address thefts and better support victims.

To date, Calgary has surpassed 50,000 registered Bike Index users, and returned hundreds of bikes, with an estimated value of $330,000, to victims of theft.

An important step in returning stolen bikes to their rightful owners is that officers require owners to supply their bike’s serial number, which can often escape some owners. 

Register with Bike Index

By registering a bike with Bike Index, owners are provided with easily accessible documentation of their bike’s information and serial number, which can be looked up by police and aid in a stolen bike’s return to its rightful owner. 

You will be asked to provide information about your bike, including:

  • make
  • model
  • colour
  • serial number
  • other defining characteristics
  • photos, if possible
  • a phone number or email for police to contact you if your stolen bike is recovered.

Bike registration stickers

CPS district offices and other participating partners provide free Bike Index stickers when you register your bike. Your Bike Index sticker:

  • is a unique identifier and allows anyone with a smart phone to connect to your registry page
  • acts as a deterrent for potential thieves

Report your stolen bike

If your bike goes missing:

  • Report it to police
  • Report it as lost or stolen on Bike Index.

Found your stolen bike listed for sale?

Many stolen bikes can be found for sale online. If you find your bike being sold online:

  • Take screenshots of the ad or write down the ad information, including the ad number and seller information.
  • Contact police immediately at 403-266-1234 or come to a district office. Make sure you have the ownership information from your Bike Index account.
  • For your safety and to ensure a proper investigation, do not contact the seller or arrange to meet them yourself. 

Bike Index is a free, voluntary, universal bike registration database used by individual bike owners, bike shops and police services. If a registered bike is stolen, an owner can login and make note that their bike is missing. In the event it is recovered by police, or looked up by an unsuspecting buyer, its status on Bike Index will appear as stolen and alert those searching that serial number.


In an emergency always call 911

Non-emergency 403-266-1234