After an appeal is filed

What happens after an appeal is filed?

Once an appeal is filed with the SDAB it will be scheduled for a hearing within 30 days. In accordance with theĀ Municipal Government Act, the Calgary SDAB must give at least 5 days' written notice of the hearing to the parties. The notice of hearing will include the date and time of the hearing.

Additionally, the hearing date of the appeal is advertised at least five days before the hearing (usually one week before the hearing).

What will happen if a person cannot attend a hearing?

If you are unable to attend at the scheduled date and time of your SDAB hearing, or need time to prepare for your hearing, you have the right to request an adjournment. Such requests must be made as soon as possible, preferably in writing to the Appeal Board office well in advance of the date of the hearing, and should include the reasons for the request. If you are unable to submit the request in writing, a verbal request can be made at the time of the hearing.

Adjournment requests are not granted automatically. The Board considers each request on its own merits, including submissions concerning requests from other affected parties to the appeal.

If you are unable to attend the hearing to speak to the adjournment request, you should have someone attend on your behalf that will be prepared to discuss the request and/or present evidence to the Board in the event that the adjournment request is denied.

Withdrawal of an appeal

A withdrawal should be submitted in writing to the Appeal Board office as soon as possible. Your co-operation will prevent any unnecessary delays for the Calgary SDAB and will help the Board use its resources more effectively.

The appeal filing fee is refunded if an appeal is withdrawn prior to the commencement of the hearing, or at the discretion of the Board if the hearing has commenced.