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Traffic reporting

To report any traffic related violations other than parking, loud vehicles and transit issues, you can complete an online Traffic Service Request (TSR).

The most popular TSR concerns include:

  • speeding;
  • crosswalk violations;
  • pedestrian violations;
  • school and playground zone;
  • construction zone issues; or
  • persistent traffic violation(s) that are noted by the public in a specific area and that can be expected to reoccur when a responding officer attends to the complaint.

"One off" complaints, where a specific violator or license number can be identified, should be referred to 403-266-1234 for appropriate dispatched response.

What if people are constantly speeding in our community?

You can complete a TSR online or call the TSR line at 403-567-4029.

A member of the Photo Radar Unit will call you back to discuss your concerns and determine if a photo radar unit will be deployed in your area.

How do I report illegally parked vehicles or vehicles that have been abandoned on or near my property?

This is a bylaw infraction. Contact The City of Calgary at 3-1-1 to report the offending vehicles.

How can I report a Calgary Police Service member that is breaching protocol in a traffic-related manner (e.g. driving while talking on cell phones)?

Contact the Professional Standards Section at to speak to an officer that investigates in-house matters or make a compliant.