Calgary Police Service

Gang Suppression Team (GST)

The Gang Suppression Team (GST), previously referred to as the Violent Crime Suppression Team, is part of an overall strategy by the Calgary Police Service to combat violence in the community. This is a full time team of uniform officers that work towards reducing violent crime, including drug and gang related violence, as it relates to licensed establishments throughout Calgary.

How does the Team operate?

The Team works in partnership with establishment owners and management to promote a safe environment for patrons within licensed premises. There are no foreseen implications for a business owner seeing the GST in their premise.

The Team patrols a variety of bars, nightclubs, pubs and other licensed establishments located throughout the city. Decisions are made on which bars to attend by crime statistics, intelligence and previous experience. Being in a location that is checked by the GST doesn't make it a bad place; it just indicates the establishment is a licensed premise.

The GST operates within the authority provided to them by the Criminal Code of Canada, Provincial, and Municipal legislation. The Team performs numerous policing roles within and around licensed premises and being asked to produce identification doesn’t indicate the individual is a suspect in any crime.

How do I report a gang member or reach the GST to attend a bar or club?

  • Contact Crime Stoppers to report suspicious activity.
  • If you witness gang violence, call 9- 1-1 immediately.

What is GST role with the Bar None Program?

GST does not play a role within neither the Bar None Program, nor the Bar Watch Program. These programs are run through AGLC (Best Bar None) and bar owners themselves (Bar Watch). GST is supportive of these programs, but has no involvement in them.

What responsibilities do the Public Safety Task Force (PSTF) pertaining to licence checks?

The PSTF represents CPS at the council initiated multi stakeholder group, LEMAG, the Licensed Establishment Multi Agency Group.

The PSTF is responsible to:

  • Ensure licensed establishments work within their room capacity and emergency warning systems are in working order.
  • Ensure compliance with all municipal, provincial and federal legislation.
  • Ensure rental housing is kept in a habitable state and that the landlords are complying with all relevant legislation.
  • Conduct CPS operations with the objective of detecting violations in licensed establishments.
  • Assist Calgary Business Licensing in reviewing and adding comments for new development permits for licensed establishments.
  • Assist Crime Prevention through Environmental Design by adding comments to their reports for licensed establishments.
  • Represent CPS at Calgary Bar Watch.
  • Represent CPS at the Alberta Safer Bars Council meetings.
  • Represent CPS with the Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission's program Best Bar None.
  • Act as an information source for other CPS members on stakeholder legislation and how to assist frontline policing.


In an emergency always call 911

Non-emergency 403-266-1234