Calgary Police Service

African community

The community liaison between members from the African communities in Calgary and the Calgary Police Service aims to facilitate open communications on matters of mutual concern including police interventions, incidents of miscommunication, and request for police assistance and participation during social, cultural and political events. The liaison works to build trust by encouraging personal contact and dialogue with people from the diverse communities of Africa.​

African community concerns

The African community in Calgary consists of Immigrants and Refugees, many of who still have family connections to the countries from which they left from. These individuals and their communities represent a vibrant dimension of Calgary’s multicultural make-up, with the vast majority having formed formal associations in Calgary. The Calgary Police Service endeavors to network with those formal associations by attending their yearly festivals and Galas.

The Calgary Police Service African liaison officer participates in the African Advisory Board. The board was established to enhance the communication and relationship between the African community and the Calgary Police Service.

The Calgary Police Service has participated with:

  • Somali Community Assessment Report
  • Sudanese Assessment Report
  • 12 CSI Diversity Committee
  • 2012 First African Expo and Job Fair
  • 2012 first Somali Youth International Basketball Tournament

Email the Calgary Police Service African community liaison or contact by phone at or 403-428-8157


In an emergency always call 911

Non-emergency 403-266-1234