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Calgary Police Service

Persons with disabilities

A disability is any limitation that significantly affects a person’s mobility, agility, sight, hearing, verbal communication or intellectual functioning. It also includes limitations arising from psychological, emotional or mental health issues.

This can affect any Calgarian of any age, gender, and ethnicity. In some cases their disability may make them vulnerable to victimization and they may have a vested interest in seeing specific concerns addressed.

Community involvement

The Calgary Police Service Persons with Disabilities liaison officer builds relationships between police, persons with disabilities, and organizations that provide service to persons with disabilities. The liaison officer serves as a resource on cases that involve persons with disabilities, and works with the Persons with Disabilities Police Advisory Committee to:

  • promote effective two-way communication with the community
  • promote education and awareness of issues related to disabilities
  • identify and resolve crime and safety concerns
  • increase police awareness of community issues related to disabilities

Currently the liaison is the chair of the Chief Advisory Board that consists of multiple service agencies within the disabilities community. This board provides two way communication and education/awareness for the police service along with the service agencies. The liaison also attends as many community events as possible and presents on personal safety for person’s with disabilities throughout the community.

The Calgary Police Service has compiled a Personal Safety Guide for persons with disabilities in collaboration with a number of agencies.

Opportunities for persons with disabilities

The Calgary Police Service offers the same employment opportunities for persons with a disability as any other applicant. If the individual passes the standard then there is no concerns with employment.


In an emergency always call 911

Non-emergency 403-266-1234