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Calgary Police Service

Vulnerable persons in Calgary

The Calgary Police Service Vulnerable Persons Team coordinates with homelessness and addiction-serving agencies to meet the needs of vulnerable people in our city. The team includes resource officers who try to address the root causes of behavior in situations involving chronic homelessness and other related issues.

Police and Crisis Team

The Police and Crisis Team (PACT) is a partnership between Alberta Health Services and the Calgary Police Service that offers assessment, support, and or consultation for people experiencing a mental health crisis in the City of Calgary. Each PACT has a police officer and a mental health professional working together to assist persons with serious mental health issues who have come into contact with the law. PACT typically responds to incidents involving people experiencing a mental health, addiction or psychosocial crisis and when they are a danger to themselves or others.

The Downtown Outreach Addictions Program (DOAP)

The Downtown Outreach Addictions Program (DOAP) assists vulnerable individuals in the community to get to a safe place. The DOAP team is a program of the Calgary Alpha House and it is designed to support emergency services such as police officers and Emergency Medical Services. DOAP is a service that helps link those who come into contact with individuals that have substance abuse issues with the appropriate social service agency. It is also an alternative response to calling 911 for someone who is intoxicated in the community. The DOAP team can help transport those under the influence of any drug and or alcohol for addiction treatment and related appointments. DOAP also provides referral services for shelters, detoxification, addiction treatment services, health needs, crisis counselling, advocacy and basic needs like food, housing and clothing. The team can travel anywhere in the city and is a great resource for questions around addiction issues. The DOAP team can also provide referrals to more appropriate youth services for young people experiencing homelessness.

Contact DOAP

  • DOAP Outreach: 403-998-7388 (cell) – Operates 24/7
  • DOAP Encampment Team (for people sleeping outside): 403-805-7388 (cell) - Operates Monday - Friday 8 am-  4 pm.

Help for troubled children and youth

The Calgary Police Service has a Youth Resource Officer who works with agencies to provide a more coordinated service response to young people frequently in conflict with the justice system.

If your child is experiencing mental health or addiction concerns, you can access the following resources for support:


In an emergency always call 911

Non-emergency 403-266-1234