Calgary Police Service

Fleet and facilities

​The Calgary Police Service's fleet of just under 1,200 vehicles includes almost every make and model available. Approximately half the fleet is made up of the Crown Victoria and Ford Explorer patrol vehicles. Depending on the required use, other vehicles such as the E-150 to E-350 Ford vans, F150 trucks, minivans, Harley Davidson motorcycles and even dirt bikes are deployed throughout the city. 

How does CPS choose its fleet?
The Ford Crown Victoria, traditionally used by police, is no longer being produced. As a result, the CPS is looking at alternative makes and models. The CPS currently has enough Crown Victorias to cover the 2013 scheduled fleet replacement, but we will be piloting the new Dodge Charger, Ford Taurus Interceptors and the Ford SUV Interceptors that will be seen at various community events over the next year. These vehicles and some Ford E-150 vans will also be tested during the 2013 year throughout the various district offices around the city. 

What do the vehicles have under the hood?
The standard Crown Victoria patrol vehicles have a 4.6L high-output engine. The new black and white Dodge Charges currently being tested have a 3.6L engine. 

Why are you moving to a black and white theme?
The move to a black and white theme comes after research identified numerous benefits including enhanced visibility and public recognition, improved officer and public safety, and economic efficiencies. Based on current pricing for the vehicles, and the reduced cost of the proposed decaling, the move could save the Service in excess of $1 million. In an effort to maximize savings, police will not be altering their current fleet of blue and white vehicles. As such, it could take up to two years before the first black and white vehicles are used operationally and up to five years until the entire fleet is replaced. 

Why police vehicles are kept idling?
Police vehicles contain complicated electrical systems needed to operate the remote equipment used by officers. Cars are kept idling to provide power to these systems; otherwise they would quickly drain the battery causing the car not to start.

Where can I get info on police vehicle auctions?
For information on police vehicle auctions, contact Regal Auctions.​


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