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Vulnerable sector verification information requests

Did your vulnerable sector verification result in a request for follow-up information? This means that your results were inconclusive and could potentially result in a possible 'hit' to a vulnerable sector verification record search. Please follow the below steps.

Making an appointment

At this point, you need to make an appointment to provide your fingerprints to the Calgary Police Service. Please click here to set an appointment with the Calgary Police Service. Your fingerprints will be submitted to the National Repository and will be verified against the Pardoned Sex Offence database.

All appointments take place at the Calgary Police Service Westwinds Campus - 5111 47 Street NE.

Appointments are taken on Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday (excluding statutory holidays).

Due to operational business process changes and the resulting decrease in number of required appointments CPS will be re-implementing their no walk-in policy. Applicants will be able to make an appointment in a reasonable amount of time due to less applicants being required to come in for VS finger printing. Walk in appointments will no longer be needed.

What to bring to your appointment

You must bring the following to your appointment:

  • You must have one photo identification such as: Driver’s License, Alberta Photo Identification Card (Issued through Registry Agent Offices), Passport, Permanent Resident Card, Firearms License, Nexus Card, Secure Certificate of Indian Status Card (Federally Issued), Aviation Document Booklet, or Refugee Protection Claimant Document – Certified.
    Non-photo identification can be one of the following: Provincial Health Care Card, Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate, Immigration Papers, Citizenship Card (Issued within the last 5 years), or Citizenship Certificate.
  • A 'Volunteer Letter' (for volunteer applicants only) from the agency/organization on their official letterhead, indicating your name and specific duties related to the vulnerable sector for submission to Ottawa RCMP - CCRTIS. Processing is free of charge provided you have the volunteer letter.
  • Payment of $25 will be required to search your fingerprints if it is for employment or unpaid practicum student purposes. Volunteer applicants are free of charge as per above.

After the appointment

The Police Information Check of the Calgary Police Service will receive the results of the vulnerable sector verification record search directly from the Canadian Criminal Real Time Identification Service (CCRTIS).

  • If the result is negative, a Police Information Check Certificate letter will be sent directly to you via Canada Post.
  • If the result is positive and a search confirms a relevant pardoned sex offender record, it will be disclosed on a Police Information Check Certificate letter issued by Calgary Police Service on official letterhead. The Police Information Check Unit will send the certificate letter directly to you via Canada Post.

You are responsible for returning your certificate letter issued from either CCRTIS or Calgary Police Service to the agency/organization requesting the vulnerable sector verification record search.

If you have a question that hasn't been answered here, please visit out vulnerable sector verification FAQs.

Contact us

If you should have any further questions regarding this interim process, please contact the Police Information Check or visit one of our locations.


In an emergency always call 911

Non-emergency 403-266-1234