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Speed on green and red light cameras

Intersection Safety Cameras (ISCs) are cameras that detect the travel speed of vehicular traffic. The ISC is also able to detect whether a vehicle fails to stop for the red light phase in a signalized intersection.  

Where are speed on green/red light cameras used? 
ISCs are deployed at signalized intersections throughout the city with high collision rates and a history of serious injury or fatal collisions. View all the current camera locations by map​.

How does this affect me as an average citizen?
ISCs are one tool used by the Calgary Police Service to promote traffic safety. If you follow the rules of the road as stipulated by the Alberta Traffic Safety Act, then ISCs won’t affect your day-to-day commuting. 

By slowing down drivers and ensuring motorists stop for red lights; the ISCs have the ability to decrease the chance of serious collisions and could save the lives of your loved ones. 

What statistics exist about the effectiveness of the ISC program?
From the year before any cameras were installed (2000) compared to 2013:  

  • total collisions at ISC locations have decreased by seven per cent;
  • fatal collisions at ISC locations have decreased by 100 per cent; and
  • injury collisions at ISC locations have decreased by four per cent;

What happens if I get a ticket? 
If you receive an offence notice/ticket it is mailed to the registered owner of the vehicle. 

Where can I pay for the ticket?
Tickets can be paid at Provincial Court or online following the directions on the offence notice. 

If I plead guilty to red light or speed on green offence notice/ticket, will I receive demerits against my driver’s license?
There are no demerit points associated to any automated enforcement tickets if you plead guilty, as they are issued to the registered owner of the vehicle and not a specific person as the driver. 

I received an offence notice/ticket in the mail, but someone else was driving. Can you send the offence notice/ticket to the individual that was driving?
No. Provincial legislation requires the offence notice to be issued to the registered owner of the licence plate on the violating vehicle. The registered owner is therefore the person summonsed and is responsible for responding to the offence notice by the date noted on the summons. 

I received a red light or speed on green offence notice/ticket in the mail and I don’t agree with it. Who can I contact to further discuss this matter?
Once a ticket is issued to the registered owner it becomes a Provincial Court matter. Options are listed on the offence notice as to how you may address or contest the offence notice/ticket. 

Does someone review the photographs before motorists are ticketed?
Yes. Trained and qualified provincially appointed peace officers review every image to verify that the vehicle is in violation and that the vehicle information is correct. Tickets are mailed to registered owners where it is clear the vehicle committed a speed infraction. 

There is a vehicle travelling the opposite direction in the photograph; how can you be sure it was my vehicle that was speeding?
ISC enforcement is lane and direction specific. The system identifies the violating vehicle in the specific lane using sensors embedded in the roadway. 

Do the cameras photograph every vehicle passing through an intersection?
No. The cameras only capture vehicles committing either a red light or speed infraction. In red light infractions, only vehicles entering the intersection after the light has turned red and have not come to a full stop prior to entering the intersection are photographed. In speed infractions, vehicles that enter the intersection over the posted speed limit will be captured by the camera. A speed infraction can be captured during any phase of the signal: green, red, or amber. 

Are there left hand turning lane red light cameras?
Yes. If you turn left on a red light where there is an ISC and it is two-way traffic, a violation ticket will be issued for red light infractions. The only exception is turning left from a one-way street onto another one-way street. At all times you must come to a complete stop before turning on a red light. 

Will I get a ticket for turning right on a red light?
Currently, Calgary Police Service does not issue red light tickets for right hand turns. 

I was driving through an intersection and the camera flashed. I don’t believe I was speeding and I don’t think I entered the intersection on a red light.  Why did it flash?  
There are a number of technical reasons why this may occur. An offence notice/ticket is only issued after careful review by a trained and qualified provincially appointed peace officer. An offence notice will only be issued if a violation occurred. 

What if I’m in the intersection when the light turns red?  
If you have already entered the intersection when the light changes to red an offence notice will not be issued. 

What if I stop part way into the intersection?  
If you do not proceed through the entire intersection on a red light you will not receive an offence notice for a red light violation. 

Are red light cameras and speed on green cameras the same camera?  
Yes. Red light cameras and speed on green cameras are the same piece of equipment, called Intersection Safety Cameras, and these cameras are capable of capturing both speed and red light infractions. 

Does a ticket impact my insurance?  
Your driving record is not affected by automated enforcement tickets. 

What if a cyclist runs a red light?  
An image of the violation is captured, but since bicycles do not have licence plates, there is no way to identify the driver and issue a ticket. 

On my red light or speed on green offence notice/ticket, when detailing the information regarding the date and time of the offence, why does it say "On or about?"  
This wording is part of the provincially legislated form and is required for legal purposes. 

I see small cameras mounted on top of the traffic lights at many intersections throughout the city of Calgary - are these Intersection Safety Cameras?
No. These smaller cameras are used by The City of Calgary to monitor road conditions, as well as traffic flow and density. 

How many Intersection Safety Cameras are installed throughout the city of Calgary?  
Currently there are 52 locations capable of speed on green enforcement and a total of 54 Intersection Safety Camera Locations for the entire program . View all the current camera locations or view a PDF of all locations

How do you determine the locations?  
Locations are selected based history and severity of collisions, violation rates, and traffic safety concerns. 

Where does the money from the Intersection Safety Cameras go?  
Fifteen per cent of the total fine amount is given to Victim Services, 26.76 per cent goes to the Provincial Government, and the balance of the fine goes to the Municipal Government. If there is a late payment penalty attached to the fine, the province receives the surcharge amount associated with the particular ticket. 

Who can I contact if I have further questions about the Intersection Safety Cameras in Calgary?  
Contact the Calgary Police Service Specialized Traffic Enforcement Unit at 403-567-4000.​


In an emergency always call 911

Non-emergency 403-266-1234