Calgary Police Service

International Peace Operations Program (IPOP)

As part of the International Peace Operations Program (IPOP), Canada has deployed police officers to international peace missions around the world.

What IPOP officers do

Police officers with IPOP assist in rebuilding and strengthening police services in countries that have experienced conflict or upheaval. By building the capacity of foreign police to maintain law and order, Canadian police and their international partners help create a safer and more stable environment. This enables long-term development and can also prevent illicit activities from spilling across borders into other countries, including Canada.

All of the missions have different mandates. Specific mission information can be found on the Royal Canadian Mounted Police’s current IPOP operations page.

How to apply to be in IPOP

Expressions of interest for upcoming missions will be posted when available, and Calgary Police Service sworn members who meet the requirements of the posting are able to submit their application packages to Human Resources. Please note that only active sworn members may only apply.

Successful candidates will have their packages forwarded to the International Peace Operations Branch for selection by them and/or the UN.

Current and past operations

Currently, the CPS has authorized member’s deployment to Haiti, Sudan, Afghanistan and the Congo.

  • The Calgary Police Service currently has six members serving in Afghanistan and Sudan.
  • In October 2012 the CPS will have its first member deployed to Haiti.
  • Four CPS members have returned having completed their 9month to 1 year missions.

Sorry - blog posts and photos of past missions are not available for public viewing.

More information is available at the RCMP’s International Peace Operations page.


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