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Calgary Police Service

Youth Diversion Team

The Calgary Police Service youth diversion team, in partnership with the Calgary Youth Justice Society (CYJS), delivers extrajudicial measures (EJS), as outlined in the Youth Criminal Justice Act (YCJA). The act provides two options to allow police to divert youth away from the justice system.

Both EJS, and the community program referrals initiative (CPR) are designed to intervene with youth aged 12 to 17 who commit criminal offences that are minor in nature, and to connect young people and their families with community resources.

A youth may be referred to CPR after committing a first-time minor, non-violent, chargeable offence, if they take responsibility for their actions, and are willing to participate in the program. A youth may be referred to EJS after a first or second offence, and when the seriousness of the crime is not suitable for CPR, and they must be willing to participate.

Members of the Calgary Police Service restorative justice diversion team are the point of contact for all referrals from CPS officers. Both types of extrajudicial measures are administered through CYJS, with CPR being referred directly by CPS, and EJS being approved by Alberta Justice and the crown prosecutor prior to CYJS involvement. Both initiatives offer timely and effective intervention for youth and allows police and the courts to focus on more serious crime, simultaneously addressing the causes of crime at the individual and community levels.

The YCJA places emphasis on police using discretion when encountering youth, aiming to reduce the number of youth entering the formal justice system. CPS follows the youth diversion continuum as a graphical means to represent the options officers can utilize when dealing with a youth who has committed a criminal offence.

Section 6 of the YCJA refers to CPR, and section 10 refers to EJS.

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The CYJS has a proven record of success and has been working with youth for more than 25 years in our community. For more information, visit or email


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