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Elections Calgary

Campaign finances and disclosures

Campaign disclosure requirements

All candidates, including those who have withdrawn, must file Form 26 Campaign Disclosure Statement and Financial Statement (PDF) and the relevant supporting documents.

Review engagement report (if required)

If you have expenses or contributions of $50,000 or more, file a review engagement by a chartered professional accountant with the disclosure statement. A “review engagement” is defined in the Chartered Professional Accountants Act;

Submit disclosure statements to Elections Calgary

Original signatures and documents are required to be submitted to Elections Calgary.

Final disclosure documents should be mailed to Elections Calgary.

Emails and scanned documents will not be accepted. Please retain a copy for your own records.

City of Calgary
Attn: Elections Calgary, Mail code #207
P.O. Box 2100, Station M
Calgary, AB T2P 2M5

Name listed in a public report to council or a school board

A report to council or school board is required by the Local Authorities Election Act. The public report lists the candidates who submitted disclosure statements AFTER the is a 10 day grace period following the March 1st deadline.

View non-compliance reports

Ineligible for future nominations

As a result, individuals listed in the late filing report are not eligible to be nominated for council or school board trustee for a period of (whichever expires first):

  • 8 years following the day on which the report was transmitted to council or school board. LAEA 22(1.2)(c)(i)


  • 3 years following the day of disclosure statement filing. LAEA 22(1.2)(c)(ii)

Individuals listed in the report may apply to the court for relief within 60 days of the day the report is made public. Provisions for applying to the court are listed in the LAEA 147.8.

Late filing fees and failure to file fines

Candidates must submit complete disclosure statements to Elections Calgary by 4:30 p.m. on March 1 the year following a General Election.

Please note: Incomplete disclosures submitted by the deadline will not be accepted by Elections Calgary. Candidates must ensure disclosure statements meet the legislative requirements before the March 1 deadline.

File after March 1st:

  • $500 late filing fee: Candidates who submit disclosures after March 1st must pay an administrative late filing fee of $500 within 30 days. LAEA 147.7.
  • Late filing fees are payable to The City of Calgary.

Failure to file an update / supplementary statement within 30 days:

  • File an update: Candidates who become aware of any information reported in their disclosure statements or review engagement that has changed or not been completely or accurately disclosed, must file an update to their disclosure statement within 30 days.
  • $5,000 fine: Failure to file the update as a supplementary statement is liable to a fine of $5,000.  LAEA 147.4(6) and 147.84(1.1)(a).

Failure to dispose of surplus funds within 60 days:

  • Disposition of surplus: Candidates who report a campaign surplus must dispose of the funds according to the provisions in the LAEA 147.5 within 60 days of their filing date.
  • Submit amended disclosure statement: Candidates must also file an amended disclosure statement showing the surplus has been dispositioned within 90 days of their filing date. LAEA 147.5.
  • $5,000 fine: Failure to disposition surplus funds and/or submit an amended disclosure statement within 90 days of their filing date are then liable to a fine of $5,000. LAEA 147.84(1.1)(b).

Failure to eliminate deficit within 60 days:

  • Disposition funds: Candidates who report a campaign deficit must eliminate the deficit according to the provisions in the LAEA 147.52 within 60 days of their filing date.
  • Submit amend disclosure statement: Candidates must also file an amended disclosure statement showing the deficit has been eliminated within 90 days of their filing date.
  • $5,000 fine: Candidates who fail to eliminate a deficit and/or submit an amended disclosure statement within 90 days of their filing date are then liable to a fine of $5,000. LAEA 147.84(1.1)(c).

Note: The information on this website is provided for the convenience of reference only. Candidates are subject to further requirements in the Local Authorities Election Act. Candidates are advised to refer to the LAEA and obtain legal advice regarding the full extent of their obligations.