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Industrial lands with access to a diverse talent supply

Calgary is a global talent hub

According to The Economist, Calgary is the most livable city in North America, so of course we attract great people! And investing in a city whose people are its best attribute can make business location and expansion decisions a bit easier.

Calgary is a young, well-educated and globally connected workforce, with more than 29 per cent of the population having immigrated from elsewhere in the world.

When it comes to people, our pool of highly qualified workers has made Calgary a place where business can succeed. Our people are consistently ranked as the city’s best attribute in global municipal competitiveness surveys. We have one of the best educated populations in North America and the highest proportion of citizens with STEM degrees in Canada.

We are home to the exceptional talent leading Canada’s energy industry as well as major firms in sectors such as transportation and logistics, agribusiness, financial services and creative industries. We are, in short, a global talent hub.

International and local gateway to customers

As Western Canada’s inland port, Calgary is a gateway to millions of customers locally and internationally. We have one of Canada’s busiest and best-connected airports, major highways north-south and east-west, two of North America’s Class 1 railroads, and efficient access to ocean ports.

We are also a city that invests in the movement of people and goods. The City of Calgary’s Goods Movement Strategy is ensuring infrastructure within the city is in place to support longevity and continue to improve the Calgary region’s supply chain and transportation ecosystem.

Calgarians, 1.4 million strong, are clearly a big part of the ‘why invest in Calgary?’ equation. Add to that our first-rate air, rail and ground connections, second-to-none infrastructure, readily available office space and well-planned industrial land supply for years to come – not to mention ‘most livable’ – and it all equates to Calgary being a place of opportunity with plenty of room to grow.

Want to learn more about why Calgary is the place to be? We suggest Calgary: A top transportation and logistics hub by Calgary Economic Development.

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Calgary is a young, well-educated and globally connected workforce, with more than 29 per cent of the population having immigrated from elsewhere in the world.

Municipal land for sale

Dufferin North Industrial Park

Customized lot configuration on S.E. Calgary industrial property with medium-sized, fully-serviced parcels. If you need efficient connections to the global supply chain, Dufferin North delivers.

It’s just five minutes’ drive to CP Intermodal and 15 minutes to CN intermodal, with easy access to highways and the airport. Total park size is 224 acres.

Point Trotter Industrial Park

Ideal industrial real estate for businesses that need smaller lot sizes, such as wholesale trade, logistics, construction, manufacturing and agribusiness.

Point Trotter has lots from 1.6 to 5.58 acres, fully serviced and ready for development. Land use is I-G and I-C. Central to S.E. business parks with quick access to highways, airport and rail.