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Alberta Veterinary Laboratories chooses Point Trotter for major expansion

In the heart of southern Alberta, where 70 per cent of Canadian beef is raised, there lies a unique business that is making waves in the veterinary pharmaceutical industry. Alberta Veterinary Laboratories, also known as AVL. This remarkable company began its journey in 2009 with just two employees. Fast forward to 2024, and it has grown to a workforce of more than 100. AVL's story is intrinsically linked to the local livestock industry, with 80 per cent of their products staying within 200 kilometers of their Calgary facility. Expanding at Point Trotter Industrial Park is a testament to their commitment to supporting local farms.

Dr. Merle Olson, one of the visionaries behind AVL, emphasized that "Choosing to establish and expand our operations in Point Trotter was a well-thought-out strategy. The benefits that Calgary offers are critical to our operations and our ability to attract talented people."

The company’s mission goes beyond mere business. Animal welfare is at the heart of AVL's purpose and is a crucial step in ensuring the health and well-being of animals.  They're also on a mission to reduce antibiotic use in the livestock industry.

AVL needed more manufacturing and warehouse space by 2025 to continue growing and tapping into new markets. They wanted to stay in Point Trotter because they valued the top-notch infrastructure offered within the city, such as water supply, reliable bus services, and access to a skilled labor force. Hiring would have been a considerable hurdle if they chose a different location, such as Rocky View County.

They also wanted to continue their valuable partnership with The City of Calgary’s Fire Department, considering the flammable ingredients used in some of their products. Once the strategic decision was made, the company knew they faced a long approval process from Health Canada given the specialized design required for pharmaceutical manufacturing. To overcome this hurdle, AVL purchased the adjacent lot to expand its current facility in Point Trotter. They then trusted City sales agents to structure a transaction that gave AVL a longer-than-usual building commitment date.

When the new facilities are up and running, AVL will employ more than 200 highly qualified scientists, chemists, engineers, accountants, pharmacists, and veterinarians. The company is committed to hiring from universities and colleges in the Calgary region, providing up to two years of on-site training opportunities for new graduates to meet the strict requirements demanded by Health Canada. AVL’s continued success helps create highly paid jobs and develops Calgary's talent ecosystem. The City is committed to helping innovative companies like AVL succeed because they support economic diversification.

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The benefits that Calgary offers are critical to our operations and our ability to attract talented people.

Dr. Merle Olson

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