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City lands are optimal for agribusiness

Agribusiness continues to evolve and innovate, and The City of Calgary invites industry pioneers to operate within their industrial parks. With a new, progressive land use bylaw, The City has land available for all stages of production, from growing to distribution.

The City's industrial land is well serviced and strategically located. It lies near established industry and distribution networks, local research facilities and a specialized work force.

Additionally, the City has worked hard in recent years to prepare for new players in the agribusiness space. We understand the unique needs of growers and producers. We have experience helping newcomers navigate City development processes.

The goal for the City, as for producers, is to establish a thriving agribusiness industry that will support jobs and sustainable development for years to come.

Location and amenities

Calgary has two industrial areas zoned for agribusiness growing and production. Contellation and Point Trotter are near major overland and rail corridors and lie only 30 minutes south of the Calgary International Airport. All City of Calgary lands are clean and ready for development. For employees' convenience, both parks are easy to access via thoroughfares and transit. Lots are fully serviced with water, stormwater, sanitary sewer, electrical and internet.

Your neighbours

To support sustainable development, The City pursues complimentary businesses for each park. We've identifed emerging agribusiness crops as a key growth opportunity, and we work with clients to understand potentially beneficial neighbours. For example, automation businesses may support producers with lighting, racking and climate control. Transportation and logistics providers are already in our parks, as are electrical contractors. The Enmax substation in Dufferin North meets your power requirements with ease.

Flexible purchase conditions for a challenging process

Obtaining a Health Canada license for cannabis business is challenging, so our purchase process is low risk. While you navigate Health Canada's 12-month approval cycle, we'll extend the due diligence period on land purchase contracts until you're confident you have what you need to make a purchase.

Land use bylaws in place

In 2016 city planners began working on a zoning framework to support emerging agribusiness production and retail. Constellation and Point Trotter are zoned for growing and processing. The lots are away from residential areas, precluding complaints from neighbours. Beyond Health Canada specifications, there are no special municipal compliance or building requirements; you can choose to build processing facilities, establish grow operations or use greenhouses that take advantage of Calgary's 332 days of sunshine a year.

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Upcoming industrial land

Constellation Industrial Park, our latest industrial opportunity. Coming soon! First phase launching in 2024.