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Multi-family recycling in Calgary

Multi-family recycling
Did you know recycling can cut down on multi-family garbage by almost 25%

Since Feb. 1, 2016, all multi-family buildings must have recycling for residents. That includes condos, apartments, townhouses or any building with five or more units.

Every complex has to provide on-site recycling of the items we accept in our Blue Carts. Owners and managers can decide how and where to store materials, and whether to hire a company or do it themselves. See our multifamily recycling program tips.

In fall of 2016, Council will consider a bylaw change that will require multi-family complexes to divert food and yard waste. If approved, the bylaw could take effect in late 2017.

Similar to multi-family recycling, The City is proposing the requirements for food and yard waste diversion. Building owners and managers will have the flexibility and choice to seek out a food and yard waste service provider and decide the best way to offer and manage the service. To learn more, visit our multi-family residents, owner and manager, or hauler pages below.

Mayor's Environment Expo Grade Specific Days
I'm a multi-family resident
Find out what you need to do to make recycling happen in your building.
Student Eco Projects
I'm a building owner or manager
Find out what you need to do to comply with the bylaw and what resources are available to you.
Jack Leslie Youth Environment Grant
I'm a private recycling hauler
Find out what you need to know to help your customers build bylaw-compliant recycling programs.
Education Resources Multifamily Recycling
Education and resources
  • Private recyclers listing
  • Tools and guides
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  • Presentations and services