Development Permit Review

Waste & Recycling Services reviews development permit submissions and provides written comments as part of the Corporate Planning Applications Group (CPAG) review process for:

  • Multi-family, mixed use, commercial and industrial sites.
  • City of Calgary-owned facilities.
  • Large commercial sites that may provide the opportunity for recycling depot locations.
  • Sites within the landfill setback of active and closed landfills.

Development Requirements

Our requirements have undergone significant changes in order to address:

  • Commitment to increased recycling opportunities.
  • Operational protocols that recognize the impact of the current Alberta Occupation Health and Safety Legislation.
  • The ongoing increase in vehicle operation and maintenance costs.
  • The need to minimize environmental impacts and allow the recycling and waste industry to provide a high level of customer service in a safe and efficient manner.
  • Compliance with the current Waste Bylaw .

For all new applications please review Development Reviews: Design Standards for the Storage and Collection of Waste and the Specification Drawings.

Refer to these documents to design and construct storage and collection facilities to ensure a safe and serviceable development for both the customer and service provider.

Please note: These requirements are subject to revision at any time. Ensure that you have used the most recent guidelines (by date) before making submissions.

Types of development

Single family dwellings

  • Projects of four (4) or fewer dwelling units will use automated carts as approved by the Director of Waste & Recycling Services.
  • Residential developments containing five (5) dwelling units or more must use commercial containers unless approved by the Director of Waste & Recycling Services. These sites will be reviewed by Waste & Recycling Services. Any approved developments are encouraged to consider cart sharing between units to reduce the number of carts at each location.

Multi-family dwellings

  • Waste & Recycling Services reviews multi-family sites prior to the issuance of a Development Permit.
  • The condominium owner or management company may enter into an agreement with The City of Calgary for the collection of waste using commercial containers following an inspection and approval of facilities by Development Inspection Services through the Development Completion Permit.


  • Waste & Recycling Services reviews commercial/industrial sites prior to the issuance of a Development Permit.
  • Commercial and industrial developments must use commercial containers.

Mixed Use

  • Waste & Recycling Services reviews mixed use sites prior to the issuance of a Development Permit.
  • Projects that contain both multi-family and commercial uses may require separate waste and recycling facilities for collection by The City of Calgary.