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Sunnyside Flood Barrier

What's happening

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To help us better manage flood water and avoid damage similar to what was experienced in 2013, The City is proposing improvements to the existing flood barrier in the community of Sunnyside.

The Sunnyside Flood Barrier project is currently in the preliminary design stage, where we are determining the extent of improvements needed. This stage consists of engineering studies and surveys to help inform various options. Near the end of this stage, we’ll be gathering feedback from the Sunnyside community on the proposed options to develop a design that works for the community and aligns with our overall flood mitigation strategy.

In winter 2020 (Q1), we will select a barrier option that we can move forward with into detailed design and construction.

Studies and analysis

Beginning in early 2019 and continuing over the next 12-18 months, the following studies and analysis will be undertaken:

  • Geotechnical investigations (in progress): To determine what improvements are needed to the barrier we will be conducting various studies of the ground conditions, groundwater and condition of the existing barrier. View map of borehole and monitoring well locations.
  • Hydrogeological: Looking at how groundwater flows and identifying seepage risks.
  • Hydrotechnical: Examining different river conditions to help inform the barrier height and river bank protection. We’ll be using a river model to inform these studies. This model has been updated to include post-flood conditions such as: gravel bars, Prince’s Island causeway, Downtown barrier, changes to the ice anchor and river bank restoration.
  • Tree inventory: Identifying any trees that will and won’t impact the integrity of the barrier.
  • Environmental review: Helping to inform the design process and regulatory requirements.
  • Barrier option analysis: Evaluating different levels of service of the barrier (i.e. height and length) along with the associated cost, lifecycle performance and how well it integrates into the community.

Results from these studies will available on the Community Flood Barriers - studies and reports.

Getting input from the Sunnyside community

Engagement with the Sunnyside community began in 2017 starting with the Hillhurst-Sunnyside Community Association (HSCA) and its committees. An open house for the community was held in December 2018 to share background information on the project. As engagement continues into 2019, we will be seeking input from residents about:

  • Height of the proposed barriers with an understanding of the related trade-offs.
  • Community values, including but not limited to: pedestrian and bike pathways, benches, trees.

Design options are tentatively scheduled to be ready for review in late summer 2019 and will be presented to the Sunnyside community at that time.

View the Sunnyside Flood Barrier Engage Page.



Sunnyside Flood Barrier

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