What The City does to prepare for flood season

The City of Calgary has two priorities during an emergency:

Save lives and prevent injuries - Our first priority is to keep citizens safe.

Protect critical infrastructure - We must ensure water treatment, electrical, communication and public transport systems are working. If these areas are compromised, our response and recovery from disaster may be negatively impacted.

One of the accomplishments of 2013 was that we continued to deliver quality drinking water despite unpredictable and extreme river conditions.

Each year, we work to ensure our critical infrastructure will continue to operate or recover rapidly from serious incidents or disaster. We also ensure that critical infrastructure and public safety are protected.

  • Update our temporary barrier plan to prioritize which barriers need to be built first to protect from potential flooding.
  • Practice assembling flood kits and barrier deployment.
  • Conduct tests on our infrastructure, such as outfalls and lift stations.
  • Update pumping plans to ensure we can respond quickly to an emergency.
  • Train staff in emergency response using the Incident Command System.
City employees discussing action plan during a flood event

City of Calgary staff participating in Incident Command System training