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Mobile device safety

Are you addicted to your cell phone or mobile device? You're not the only one, but unfortunately using your mobile device can put you at risk for identity crime or another online safety risk​.

​Mobile safety tips

To stay safe on your mobile device, please review these tips from Stop Think & Connect​. It provides good advice on protecting your online identity.

Be cautious of the photos that are captured on mobile devices and smartphones - Never take a picture you would not want the world to see. If you receive a photograph in which the subject of the video or photograph would be embarrassed or humiliated, do not forward the photograph. If you're a minor, advise a trusted adult if you recieve a photograph might be considered a criminal offence.

Mobile phones and GPS

Most smart phone have geotagging capabilities that can provide information about your physical location. Geotagging in photos provides information as to where you live, where you spend your time, when the home is empty, where you park your car and other information that you wouldn’t want to tell the world. Individuals often share too much information about their location and the sensitive details of their personal life.

​GPS features on mobile devides are handy for navigational purposes but if you're worried about revealing your physical location, tou can turn off GPS feature on your phone:

  • On an IPhone Tap "Settings", then "General" and then "Location Services". Disable the applications that use GPS data.
  • On a Blackberry device go to the camera icon. Press the "Menu" button, select "Options" and set the geotagging option to "Disabled". Click "Save".
  • On an Android start the camera application. Open the menu to the left and go to "Settings". Turn off "Geotagging" or "Location storage" (the name depends on the version of Android you own).
  • Some digital cameras come with geotagging features - consult the manual for information on how to disable this.


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