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Bow Valley Centre (BVC) Concept Plan

The planning policy document for Bridgeland is the Bridgeland-Riverside Area Redevelopment Plan (ARP) which was approved by Council in 1980. It included the Calgary General Hospital lands and adjacent open space as well as the balance of the neighbourhood.

In 2002, an amendment to the Bridgeland-Riverside ARP was made to accommodate The Bridges redevelopment. It was called the Bow Valley Centre (BVC) Concept plan

The BVC Concept Plan contains the following objectives:
  • Sensitive housing intensification
  • Transit supportive development, including mixed use development
  • An improved physical environment
  • Enhanced viability of 1st Avenue N.E. businesses
  • Exploration of opportunities for innovation in residential and mixed use development, including affordable housing
  • Optimal open space distribution with pedestrian & cycling supportive public systems
  • Commemoration of the Calgary General Hospital
  • Viable & marketable implementation

In 2012, an amendment to the BVC Concept plan was approved by Council to accommodate greater flexibility in the number of residential units in a building. This amendment can be found in the Bridgeland-Riverside Area Redevelopment Plan. See Table 1 on Page 17 of the BVC Concept Plan.​​​​​​​