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Calgary Police Service

Police Information Checks - outside of Calgary

If you have previously resided in Calgary and now reside elsewhere in Alberta, in another Province or Out of Country and require a Police Information Check from the Calgary Police Service, there are two options available:

1. Apply via email (hardcopy results will be mailed, electronic results are not available):

  • Complete the letter of authorization form if the letter is to be sent to a third party individual. We cannot disclose results directly to your agency. This letter must be signed and dated, and must include your email address.
  • Complete the consent to search and disclosure of personal information form. Please ensure both the front and back (Part 2) are filled out completely and both sides are signed and initialed. Please note that we are not able to complete a Vulnerable Sector search for anyone not living in Calgary, you must attend your local police service where you currently reside, for this request.
  • Provide clear images of two pieces of identification and a selfie photo of you holding the same two pieces of identification.
    • You must provide at least one photo identification such as: Driver’s License, Alberta Photo Identification Card (Issued through Registry Agent Offices), Passport, Permanent Resident Card, Firearms License, Nexus Card, Secure Certificate of Indian Status Card (Federally Issued), Aviation Document Booklet, or Refugee Protection Claimant Document – Certified.
    • Non-photo identification can be one of the following: Provincial Health Care Card, Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate, Immigration Papers, Citizenship Card, or Citizenship Certificate.
  • If you have been fingerprinted in Canada for a criminal conviction for which you have not received a pardon, you must include a completed self declaration form or an original set of fingerprints. Fingerprints may be obtained from your local law enforcement agency where you currently reside.
  • Provide a phone number that you can be reached for credit card payment. Debit cards will not be accepted. The cost is $65 Canadian. If you live in Alberta, the cost is $55. 
  • Send all of the above in one email, as attachments, to

2. Sending a representative to obtain a Police information check (hard copy results only)

You may appoint a representative who resides in Calgary, to obtain your Police Information Check on your behalf.

  • Complete all of the documentation outlined in option above and provide your representative with this documentation. 
  • Complete and sign a letter of authorization form giving your representative permission to apply for a Police information check from the Calgary Police Service on your behalf. This letter must include your representative’s name and they must show government photo identification.
  • Your representative must apply in person for the Police information check on your behalf. They can only apply at the CPS Westwinds Campus location.
  • Your representative must pay for your Police information check on your behalf. The cost is $65 Canadian, however, if you live in Alberta, the cost is $55 Canadian, which can be paid by AMEX, Visa, MasterCard or Interac/Debit.



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