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Anderson Station Transit Oriented Development Park and Ride

When Anderson Station was originally built it was the last station on the south line and required a large Park and Ride lot. Today stations exist south of Anderson and it no longer functions as the terminus station.

Currently there are 1,750 Park and Ride parking stalls at Anderson Station. Calgary Transit’s Park and Ride Policy specifies that parking be provided for 15 to 20 percent of expected peak period transit trips from the adjacent communities. At Anderson Station this results in a requirement to provide 500 parking stalls.


On October 3, 2016 City Council approved a new approach for the park and ride stall plan for the Anderson Station Transit Oriented Development (TOD) site.

The Anderson Station Park and ​Ride Plan outlines a revised phasing strategy that would account for no net loss of park and ride stalls as the proposed Anderson Station TOD project develops.

During redevelopment, stall numbers reduced at Anderson Station would be replaced at other Red Line and future Green Line LRT stations.

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Information Last Updated: October 18, 2016.