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Riverbend TOD Land Use Redesignation and Outline Plan

Riverbend TOD Land Use Redesignation and Outline Plan

On behalf of The City’s real estate team, a consultant (Situated) has submitted an application (LOC2023-0031) to The City’s planning department for lands in Riverbend in the northwest portion of 86 Avenue and 24 Street SE to accommodate future transit-oriented development.

About the Project

The City is proposing to redevelop approximately 15 acres of brownfield land in east Riverbend to accommodate future transit-oriented development.

The proposal is to subdivide the site into four or five development sites to accommodate a variety of low and medium profile residential housing options, along with a significant open space allotment.

The development proposal is being timed with the future Green Line LRT station in the Community of South Hill, with the development being only 600m from the future train station.

The proposal is estimated to include 500-600 units within 2-3 storey grade-oriented townhouses, and 4-6 storey multi-residential buildings.

Proposed road network

The road network is expected to be multi-modal with connection points to Riverbend and 24 ST SE.

To accommodate transit, there is a desire to connect Riverstone Road SE to the proposed redevelopment. Such a connection would shorten the distance and time for residents of Riverbend to connect to the future South Hill transit station. Shorter travel distances and times translate to improved service and lower costs.


Community outreach is ongoing as the proposal is further refined, after which the file is anticipated to make its way through Calgary Planning Commission ( and Council (public hearing).

Initial details about the application were shared at a Public Information Session held November 2022 at the Riverbend Community Association.

Targeted engagement was conducted with residents of Riverstone Rd SE in summer 2023.

Next steps

The next step in the Riverbend redevelopment proposal is for Calgary Planning Commission (CPC) to review the application on Thursday, January 25, 2024. The meeting begins at 1 p.m. and the Riverbend item is number 7.2.8 on the agenda. The proceedings can be observed online or in person (800 Macleod Trail, Council Chambers).

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