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Landfill Setbacks

The City has recently approved protocol to handle applications for prohibited uses near both operating and non-operating landfills. Prohibited uses include schools, hospitals, food establishments and residences. The intent is to create more efficient application processing, consistent decision making and achieve greater transparency.

The following is the setback distance requirements:

  1. 300 metres from the disposal area of an operating or non-operating landfill
  2. 450 metres from the working area (including storage) of an operating landfill

Prohibited uses may be approved within a setback if a variance is supported by The City of Calgary and the Province of Alberta.

MGA regulated landfill setback buffers from City of Calgary Landfills

East Calgary Landfill Shepard Landfill Ogden Landfill (Inactive) Blackfoot and Springbank Landfills (Inactive) Highfield Landfill (Inactive) Manchester Landfill (Inactive) Nose Creek Landfill (Inactive) Spyhill Landfill East Calgary Landfill Shepard Landfill Ogden Landfill (Inactive) Blackfoot and Springbank Landfill (Inactive) Highfield Landfill (Inactive) Nose Creek Landfill (Inactive) Manchester Landfill (Inactive) Spyhill Landfill

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City Decision Criteria

As landfill characteristics vary, setback scenarios may be treated with unique solutions. This decision framework is flexible and may be deviated from in certain situations. However, the following criteria will typically be required for The City to support a setback variance:

  1. The landfill is no longer operating;
  2. A non-operating landfill is in post closure care; and
  3. The landfill owner/operator must state in writing they agree with a variance.

Landowners & Applicants

If a landowner wants to proceed with an application, they will have to submit the required information for review by The City and The Province:

  • a landfill assessment and current landfill conditions (done by the landfill operator)
  • a risk assessment based on the development proposal and landfill characteristics; and
  • any other information as required.