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Pathway and Bikeway Plan

Cycling is increasingly popular, both as a recreational activity and as an environmentally friendly alternative mode of transportation. There are approximately 550 kilometres of pathways and 260 kilometres of on-street bicycle routes within Calgary, not including the pathways in Fish Creek Provincial Park. The recreational and commuting opportunities are endless.

The City of Calgary Pathway and Bikeway Plan was adopted by City Council in 2000 as a comprehensive set of guiding principles relating to the planning, design and management of Calgary's pathway and on-street cycle route systems.

The main objectives of the Plan are to:

  • Develop guiding principles for the planning, design, implementation and management of pathways and bikeways
  • Locate conceptual ties to regional and national pathway systems
  • Develop policy to support City negotiations with developers respecting pathway and bikeway construction
  • Produce a comprehensive and integrated pathway/bikeway plan

It is not intended to supersede approved policy, but should be used as a supplement to it. In particular, this study should be read together with the Calgary Cycle Plan, the Parks and Pathways Bylaw, the Linear Park Policy and the Calgary Transportation Plan.

View Calgary Pathway and Bikeway Plan report

Entire Plan - Complete document
Plan Part 1 - Table of Contents, List of Exhibits and Executive Summary
Plan Part 2 - Introduction and Guiding Principles
Plan Part 3 - Ancillary Programs and Facilities, Lifecycle Management, Analysis of Proposed Routes, Missing Links, Funding, Implementation Strategy
Plan Part 4 - Implementation Strategy Chart
Implementation Map - Implementation Map (large file)

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