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Race-based Data Collection

Calgary Police Service Race-based Data Collection

Collection of disaggregated race-based data in our interactions with citizens has been the subject of ongoing debate across Canada as there is little consistency in what race data is collected and how it is reported upon. We are committed to collecting and reporting race-based data moving forward.  

The collection of employee data on race and ethnicity to inform strategies for the recruitment, selection, and advancement of employees has not been our common practice. We will also work closely with The City of Calgary to explore changes to our practices for the collection of disaggregated race-based employee data.

Our progress

A multi-agency review of race-based data collection is underway and is being informed by recommendations from the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police and Statistics Canada. This review will provide a consistent national approach to the race categories every agency uses for race-based data collection.

Once consistent categories are established, we will engage our community partners, as well as other agencies, to determine best practices on how to record race and incorporate that into our reporting. Race information will become integrated into our monthly, quarterly and yearly reports as well as other CPS reports (officer contact, use of force, etc.) available on our website.

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If you have any questions, comments or suggestions for the team working on the collection and reporting of race-based data, we want to hear from you.


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