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Community Safety Investment Framework

The Community Safety Investment Framework is a collaborative effort between Calgary Police Service, The City and community partners to identify ways to improve support for Calgarians in crisis due to mental health concerns, addictions or other similar challenges. The goal is to shift the responsibility for responding to individuals in crisis from law enforcement agencies to social agencies that are better equipped to address these situations, where it is safe and appropriate to do so.

The framework supports collaborative, community-based initiatives that address gaps in:

  • Crisis services for individuals, their families and support networks; 
  • Outreach services; and 
  • The emergency response system in Calgary; including any gaps in racially and culturally appropriate services.

The Framework will be implemented using two investment strategies:

  • Evidence-based investment in existing community crisis response programs. This could mean expanding the hours and days of operation, or modifying or adapting their current scope. The investment will provide service response to crises related to mental health, addiction and homelessness within the current system.
  • Transforming Calgary’s crisis response system. The City, Calgary Police Service and community partners will carefully examine evidence from other cities. We will look at available data on crisis triage and response. We will ask our staff, our partners and, most importantly, our citizens about how we can improve Calgary’s crisis response system. This work will occur through 2021 and will inform future investments in crisis response, which could include new programs and services.

We are very early in the process and many of the details about the framework are still being determined. Updates on our progress and more information on how you can get involved will be added here as information becomes available.

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