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Community Safety Investment Framework

The Community Safety Investment Framework (CSIF) is a collaborative effort between The City of Calgary, the Calgary Police Service (CPS) and community partners to connect and identify ways to improve support for Calgarians in crisis due to mental health concerns, addictions or other similar challenges.

Calgary's Mental Health and Addictions Strategy is a community led project to create hope and strengthen support for people, families and communities in Calgary living with mental health and addiction issues. The goal is to improve quality of life for all Calgarians by fostering a community of connections. It focusses on three themes:


The Community Safety Investment Framework supports Calgary's Mental Health and Addiction Strategy theme of STAYING SAFE by addressing gaps in:

  • Crisis services for individuals, their families and support networks
  • Outreach services
  • The emergency response system in Calgary including any gaps in racially and culturally appropriate services.

2021 Community Safety Investment Framework Fund

The purpose of the Community Safety Investment Framework Fund is to strengthen the existing community crisis response programs and to assess the current state of crisis response system to improve the wellbeing of Calgarians through an equitable and effective approach.

Calls for Proposals took place in March 2021. A rigorous review process was undertaken by members of City Administration and CPS and other stakeholders, evaluating applications under two priority areas, each with its own eligibility criteria:

  • Strengthening Existing Crisis Supports - to enhance the programs and services available to Calgarians in crisis as a result of mental health, addiction and other challenges.
  • Transforming Calgary’s Crisis Response System - to build an evidence base on best practice research, analysis and stakeholder engagement to identify opportunities to transform the crisis prevention and response system.

The Call for Proposals for the 2021 Community Safety Investment Framework Fund is now closed. CSIF has allocated funds to the following non-profit and community organizations.  

Funding and grant amounts

Priority 1 - Strengthening existing crisis supports
Organization Program name and description Funding amount
12 Community Safety Initiative Society East Calgary Ambassador Program: to support those most vulnerable in the community to access referrals and to help the communities to be safe and inclusive.  $178,000
Aboriginal Friendship Centre of Calgary Outreach and Cultural Reconnection during COVID: to ensure community members have access to basic necessities, mental health support, cultural support, and access to vital services during the crisis.  $113,000
Alberta Northern Spirit Foundation-Wholistic Community Development Circle of Wisdom Elders and Seniors Centre: to provide 24-hour access-wrap around support service to Elders/seniors and families in crisis.  $272,965
Alexandra Community Health Centre Mental Health and Addictions Outreach Initiative (MAOI) Expansion: to provide supports to street-involved people experiencing addiction and mental health issues.  $309,913
BeTheChangeYYC Homeless Street Outreach: to refer clients to the appropriate services such as housing, based on the individual situation.  $55,520
Trellis Society for Community Impact Sustainable Families - Harm Reduction Therapist: to provides immediate, mobile and flexible therapeutic services to families experiencing chronic and episodic homelessness.  $91,400
Trellis Society for Community Impact Níkso'kowaiksi: to support youth and families with additional 1:1 outreach and cultural support to reduce barriers Indigenous people face and help families through a crisis by tackling the gaps in services.  $77,060
Calgary Alpha House Society Downtown Outreach Addictions Partnership (DOAP) - to improve immediate connection to services to individuals presenting in crisis in the downtown.  $1,828,418
Calgary Downtown Association Downtown Ambassadors: to provide a safer environment and to respond to the physical and mental health needs of those experiencing vulnerabilities in the Downtown area.  $362,000
Calgary Health Trust Mobile Integrated Healthcare: to provide more fulsome, wrap-around support for vulnerable Calgarians to reduce reliance on the emergency based system.  $252,782
Calgary Health Trust Sheldon Chumir Health Centre Urgent Care: to provide a responsive, expansive service for people in crisis, to address the systemic barriers those most vulnerable are having at accessing services in Calgary.   $66,542
Calgary Seniors' Resource Society SeniorConnect: to identify and respond to older adults who are at risk or crisis, by addressing and preventing issues related to social isolation.  $76,600
CUPS Calgary Society Connect2Care Community Crisis Response:  to provide timely crisis intervention for vulnerable Calgarians and to improve access to community services through care coordination and systems navigation.  $201,900
Distress Centre Calgary Enhancing Crisis Services to Those at Risk of Suicide: to provide immediate, single point, multiple modality access for Calgarians in suicidal crisis and their families, and provide 24/7 wrap-around support to individuals at risk of suicide.  $406,300
ECSSEN Career School We Are Together: to provides supportive listening in a culturally responsive way and connect callers with community services through 24/7 non-emergency response to a crisis.  $269,519
Enviros Wilderness School Association Supporting High Risk Youth Leaving Homelessness: to enhance the support provided to youth, utilizing a trauma informed counsellor during these critical hours, and reducing the impact on emergency services.  $99,200
McMan Youth, Family and Community Services Association Community Response Model - Triage for Youth at Risk of Sexual Exploitation: to provide a collaborative and coordinated approach to triage and case management supports for youth at risk of or engaged in sexual exploitation in the city of Calgary.  $ 146,881
Next Step Ministries Emergency Safe Shelter and Immediate Trauma-Informed Outreach Support forWomen: to offer an immediate safe place for women who want to exit sexual exploitation and to provide community outreach response.  $130,000
Nisa Homes- National Zakat Foundation Nisa Homes- Outreach Services: to provide support to vulnerable and marginalized women experiencing domestic violence and poverty through outreach and remote casework.  $67,830
Punjabi Community Health Services Calgary Society Quick Response Counselling: to provide quick response to those from the South Asian community in immediate need of Mental Health and Addiction counselling services.  $88,360
RESET Society of Calgary EXIT Program Crisis/Triage Initiative: to facilitate and support immediate safe exit from sexual exploitation for women age 16+ and their children.  $145,750
Sagesse Domestic Violence Prevention Society Domestic Violence Crisis Support - COVID-19 Emergency Response: to support the expanded crisis triage and emergency response for clients impacted by domestic violence across Calgary.  $54,285
The Mustard Seed Society The Mustard Seed Mobile Health Advocacy and Addictions Project: to provide more accessible care to individuals experiencing crisis and streamline access to other services.  $238,045
Wood's Homes Strenghthening Family and Youth Crisis Response Services: to provide immediate and no-cost crisis support to clients from professional crisis counsellors to children, youth, and families.  $285,000
Priority 2 - Transforming Calgary's approach to persons in crisis
Organization Program name and description Funding amount
Centre for Suicide Prevention The Future of Calgary’s Crisis Response System: to build an evidence base on best practice research, analysis and stakeholder engagement to identify opportunities to transform the crisis prevention and response system. $ 360,000