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Midfield Heights

Midfield Heights

Located on an iconic gateway into Calgary, Midfield Heights is being redeveloped to encompass a mixed use village with high quality urban design, with a mix of retail and housing options.

The City of Calgary has created a Concept Plan for what will be known as Midfield Heights, a development on the 24 acres of land adjacent to 16 Avenue N.E., south of the Winston Golf Club and Fox Hollow Golf Course. 

The policy direction for this large parcel of land was originally conceived in 2006 with the approved Winston Heights/Mountview Area Redevelopment Plan. The area is also part of, and will align with, the North Hill Communities Local Growth Planning exercise.

About the Project

The Concept Plan

Midfield Heights is the new name for the area that was previously referred to as Winston Heights Village. Midfield Heights reflects the history of the area and was created with input from the community.

The Midfield Heights Concept Plan is unique in that The City, rather than a private developer, is leading this redevelopment process. We believe the site provides an opportunity to:

  • Create an iconic gateway into Calgary along Highway 1 (16 Avenue)
  • Promote inclusive and accessible development
  • Exemplify The City’s commitment to sustainability, resilience and addressing climate change
  • Develop a transit‐supportive development for the MAX Orange line
  • Create broader community benefits through connections with adjacent communities, open spaces and commercial amenities


Midfield Heights is a 24 acres site bordered by 16 Avenue N.E., south of the Winston Golf Club and Fox Hollow Golf Course.  And Moncton road NE to the west. The site is ideally located close to two golf courses, SAIT, The Calgary Zoo, Peter Lougheed Hospital, downtown and the airport. It is next to a gateway into Calgary from Deerfoot trail and 16 Avenue NE, and accessible by transit and the MAX Orange BRT line and close to Renfrew Athletic Park. 

Area Planning Documents

Current status

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For questions regarding the future redevelopment of this site, contact:

Carol-Ann Beswick