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Midfield Heights

Lot sales to mixed-use, multi-family developers from June 4 to July 9, 2024

Future residents

If you are interested in living in Midfield Heights, you will need to wait until the lots are sold to developers and the housing units are offered for presale, sale, or rental.

Developers and Builders

The City has initiated lot sales to mixed-use, multi-family developers, running from June 4 to July 9, 2024. Explore this remarkable opportunity further through the accessible assets and resources. Don't hesitate to contact us with any inquiries.

For information on the sales process, please refer to the procedures The City will follow in selling these lots to developers.

All documents

We are packaging our most requested documents for easy download:

  • Property brochure, Purchaser Application form, Architectural guidelines, Technical documents
  • For copies of other engineering reports, studies and larger format documents please email Malcolm Dort at for access to One Drive
  • Midfield Heights Launch Presentation

Welcome to Midfield Heights: Tranquil development land in the inner city

Be one of the first developers to unlock the potential of Midfield Heights. This premier development site offers an array of opportunities for exceptional mixed-use properties nestled amid golf courses and well-established communities in northeast Calgary. Future residents of this much sought-after neighbourhood will live close to nature, schools and the absolute best of urban living.


Site plan

Site plan description (for accessibility purpose)

Block 8 lot 2

Lot availability: Available
Lot size: 2.50 acres
Zoning: MU-1 f2.5 h22
Market +GST (Agents protected) 

Block 8 lot 3

Lot availability: Available
Lot size: 1.39 acres
Zoning: M-C1 d75 
Price: Market +GST (Agents protected) 

Block 8 lot 4

Lot availability: Available
Lot size:  1.81 acres
Zoning: M-C1 d75
Price: Market +GST (Agents protected)

Block 8 lot 5 

Lot availability: Available 
Lot size:
  0.78 acres
Zoning: MU-1 f2.5 h22
Price: Market +GST (Agents protected)

Block 10 lot 1

Lot availability: Available
Lot size: 1.98 acres
Zoning: MU-1 f4.0 h40
Price: Market +GST (Agents protected)


Block 9 lot 1 

Lot availability: Coming soon
Lot size: 4.28 acres
Zoning: MU-1 f4.0 h40

Block 11 lot 1

Lot availability: Future Non-market land sale opportunity 
Lot size: 0.90 acres 
MU-1 f2.5 h22

Lot information

Block 8 Lot 2 88 Nimbus Way N.E. MU-1 f2.5 h22 2.5 acres
272,250 sq.ft. buildable
Partial ravine fill remaining in N.W. corner
100 kPA/200kPA setbacks
Block 8 Lot 3 60 Cirrus Circle N.E. M-C1 d75 1.39 acres
42 max units
100 kPA/200kPA setbacks
Block 8 Lot 4 156 Cirrus Circle N.E. M-C1 d75 1.80 acres
54 max units
100 kPA/200kPA setbacks
Block 8 Lot 5 216 Cirrus Circle N.E. MU-1 f2.5 h22 0.78 acres
84,942 sq.ft. buildable
100 kPA/200kPA setbacks
Block 10 Lot 1 59 Cirrus Circle N.E. MU-1 f4.0 h40 1.98 acres
344,995 sq.ft. buildable
200kPA setbacks

Buildings contained within the 100kPa setback line are expected to be 1-2 storey wood frame structures with up to one level below grade. Refer to instrument #241 068 997.

Buildings contained within the 200kPa setback are expected to be high-rise concrete structures with up to three levels below grade. Refer to instrument #241 068 997.

Established area development levies apply. 

Purchasers to be responsible at their cost for service tie-ins from the road to their development.

  • Fully serviced, shovel ready multi-family lots
  • 7 multi-family lots varying in size from 0.78- 4.28 acres
  • Suitable for at-grade and multi-storey developments with potential for 1,552 total units. 

  • Projected density 128-188 upha (52-76 upa)
  • Total area 24.3 acres
  • 14.23 acres for mixed-use, multi-family development 
  • 5.85 acres of open space (ER and MR)

Key features

Nearby amenities (for accessibility purpose)

Nearby amenities

  1. Downtown – 3 kms
  2. SAIT – 3.5 kms
  3. Deerfoot Trail/QE2 – 0.85 kms
  4. Sunridge commercial – 3.6 kms
  5. Calgary airport – 6.5 kms
  6. Winston Heights & Fox Hollow Golf courses – 1.3 kms
  7. Renfrew Aquatic & Recreation Centre – 0.75 kms
  8. Peter Lougheed Hospital – 4 kms
  9. Marlborough commercial district – 4 kms
  10. Calgary Zoo – 2.6 kms
  11. Mount View School – 1.3 kms
  12. Colonel Macleod School – 0.75 kms
  13. Stanley Jones School – 1.6 kms
  14. Calgary Coop North Hill Food Centre – 0.80 kms

MAX Orange - MO

Proposed Green Line LRT - G

Iconic gateway: Midfield Heights serves as an iconic gateway into Calgary along Highway 1 (16th Ave. N.E.).

Prime location: Near two golf courses, SAIT, The Calgary Zoo, Peter Lougheed Hospital, Renfrew Athletic Park, downtown and the airport.

Transit access: Calgary Transit connects Midfield Heights to everywhere in our city via a short walk to a MAX Orange BRT line station.

Unbeatable development opportunities on a reclaimed brownfield site:

  • Higher-intensity, mixed-use development
  • Pedestrian-priority streets with open space and commercial amenities
  • Naturalized escarpment and park with breathtaking views
  • Sustainable guidelines for architecture and landscape design

Vibrant urban spaces

Residential and commercial frontage along Nimbus Way is perfect for urban markets and community events. Boulevard trees, and an extensive pathway and bike network, prioritize pedestrian connectivity within Midfield Heights and beyond.

Residents will also enjoy the beautiful and engaging central park, a sanctuary for relaxation and recreation.

Ideal for families

Calgary’s newest inner-city neighbourhood offers the convenience of well-established areas in a tight-knit community. Proximity to employment centers, downtown and retail hubs ensures easy access to work and leisure activities. Even better, elementary, junior high and high schools are nearby.

Environmentally sustainable

With approximately 15% of the site covered by tree canopy, extensive escarpment reclamation efforts and sustainable landscaping practices, Midfield Heights was designed for generations to come. Its stormwater management system captures and filters water in an off-site storm pond before it flows into Nose Creek.

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Join us in redefining urban living

Connect with us today to discover how you can leave your mark on Midfield Heights and contribute to Calgary's vibrant future.

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For questions regarding the future redevelopment of this site, contact:

Angela DeCaria
Senior Sales Agent

Nagibali Mohamed
Sales Agent