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The latest project in the City of Calgary's industrial land development program Constellation

Welcome to Constellation, The City’s newest industrial park. Nestled in the southeast region of this vibrant city, Constellation spans an impressive 600 acres of prime real estate. We are thrilled to introduce you to this exceptional opportunity.

All Phase 1A Documents

We have packaged our most requested documents for easy download:

  • Property brochure, Purchaser Application form, Architectural guidelines, Engineering drawings, Sales deck

Constellation details


Lots are available for end users and developers. Shovel-ready for immediate development.

North of Glenmore Trail S.E., east of 52th Street S.E., west of the Ring Road, and south of Peigan Trail S.E.  

Proximity to the CPKC and CN Intermodal Facilities.  

Architectural controls
Registered architectural guidelines for high-quality sustainable building and site design elements. Opportunity for customized equivalencies.  

Approximately 600 net developable acres of fully serviced land. 


Map of Phasing 1 Plan - Click the download button to download the map

Access to full services, including:

Deep utilities: storm, water, sewer (The City of Calgary). Shallow utilities: power, telecommunication services, natural gas. Firefighting services (The City of Calgary).  


Industrial General (I-G).

Constellation is an ideal location

Development features

  • Stormwater pond

    Comprehensive stormwater management infrastructure

  • Transit service

    Another way for employees and visitors to reach you

  • Paved sidewalks

    Added curb appeal, safety and accessibility

  • Street lighting

    Added curb appeal and safety

  • Commercial area

    Nearby amenities for your convenience

  • Recreation facility

    Enhanced location appeal

  • Access to Stoney Trail

    Quick access to the Stoney Trail Highway

  • Rail service

    Access to two Class-1 railroads - CPKC & CN

  • Airport access

    Your gateway to global trade

  • Calgary Police

    Big city policing for your security

  • Emergency services

    Safeguard your investment and business continuity

  • Availability of qualified labour force

    Access to talent. Qualified labour pool.

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