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Waste & Recycling Services

Holiday Collection Day Changes Calgary 
Recycle your real Christmas tree
It's easy to recycle your Christmas tree. Bring your tree to one of our eight drop-off locations until Jan. 31.

Multifamily Recycling Calgary 
Multi-family recycling
Multi-family recycling is coming to Calgary! Whether you're an apartment or condo resident, a building owner or manager, or a private recycler, get the information you need here.

Package it properly. Label it clearly.
Safe disposal of household hazardous waste rests in your hands. Before taking your leftover chemicals to one of our household hazardous drop-off locations, learn the two simple actions you can take to ensure your safety, the safety of others and the environment.

Higher disposal rate for paper and cardboard coming Feb. 2016
Paper and cardboard are readily recyclable and don’t belong in the landfill. The City will charge a higher rate for commercial vehicle loads containing paper and cardboard starting Feb. 1, 2016. You can save money by recycling.