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Waste & Recycling Services

Spring Cleanup 
Spring yard waste drop-off available at City landfills
Between April 17 and May 31, 2015, bring your spring leaves, branches, plants, compost and other yard waste to any City of Calgary landfill for composting, free! Learn more about hours, locations and tips for handling your spring yard waste.

Spring Yard Waste 
Spring cleaning made simple
Find the right place for everything – in the house, garage and yard. Learn more tips and info to find the best way to dispose of your unwanted stuff.

Spring Yard Waste 
Still cleaning up tree debris from the September 2014 snowstorm?
Residents still cleaning up their yards from last year have a few options available to get rid of their snow-damaged branches and tree debris. Participate in the spring yard waste drop-off at City landfills, visit your local Community Cleanup or properly bundle for garbage pickup.

Cart placement during street cleaning 
Where to place your carts during street cleaning
If street cleaning happens on the same day as your garbage and recycling pick up, place your blue and black carts on the sidewalk or grass boulevard next to the curb. Make sure to leave enough space around your carts – if you can walk between and around your carts, that's enough space. Learn more cart placement tips to help ensure your carts are always safely picked up.

Multi-family recycling
Multi-family recycling is coming to Calgary! Whether you're an apartment or condo resident, a building owner or manager, or a private recycler, get the information you need here.