Christmas tree composting program

Help keep Christmas trees out of the landfill by using your green cart.

Put your cut up tree in your green cart

  • Remove all lights, ornaments, tinsel and tree stand
  • Cut your tree into small pieces
  • Place in your green cart (make sure lid can close)
  • If your green cart is full:
    • Put cut branches in paper yard waste bags and roll tops closed
    • Set bags 0.5 metres (2 feet) from side of your cart

Please note: Trees that are not prepared properly will not be collected.

Christmas tree drop-off locations are now closed for the year.

Frequently asked questions

Why do I have to cut my tree up for Green Cart collection?

Trees must be cut up so the pieces are small enough to fit into your green cart.

Our collection trucks use the carts for automated collection and we are unable to load materials manually into the truck. Your tree must fit into the cart to be collected without damaging the equipment.

Even paper yard waste bags are placed into the green cart and then emptied into the truck.

What are the benefits of composting my Christmas tree?

By composting your Christmas tree, you help preserve valuable space in our landfills, turn your tree into nutrient-rich compost and reduce harmful greenhouse gas emissions.

Learn more about how composting works.

Can I put my tree in my black cart?

No. Food and yard waste must be put in your green cart. Black carts containing Christmas trees will not be collected.

Can I compost my evergreen wreath?

Yes, you can put your evergreen wreath in your green cart or it can be dropped off with your real tree at any of the drop-off locations. Please note: The wreath needs to be stripped of all ornaments, ribbons, nails, wires etc.

Can we pick up compost or mulch?

Stay tuned for updates about 2022 compost giveaway events.